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acropodial skeleton +  
digit +  
A subdivision of the autopod that has as part a series of phalanges together with associated vasculature, musculature, integument and nerves. It is continuous with the metapodial subdivision of the autopod, but does not include the metapodials. In species such as humans, fully formed digits are distinct, whereas in other species the digits may be connected by interdigital webbing, or may be completely unseparated (for example, in cetaceans).
digit 1 plus metapodial segment +  
digit 2 plus metapodial segment +  
digit 3 plus metapodial segment +  
digit 4 plus metapodial segment +  
digit 5 plus metapodial segment +  
digit 6 plus metapodial segment +  
digit 7 plus metapodial segment +  
digit 8 plus metapodial segment +  
digital pad +  
individual digit of digitopodial skeleton +  
manual acropodium region 
manual digit plus metapodial segment +  
pedal acropodium region 
pedal digit plus metapodial segment +  
prehallux +  
prepollex +  

Exact Synonyms: acropodial unit ;   digit (phalangeal portion) plus soft tissue ;   limb digit
Xrefs: AAO:0011126 ;   EFO:0000881 ;   EMAPA:32725 ;   FMA:85518 ;   MA:0000690 ;   MAT:0000285 ;   MIAA:0000285 ;   NCI:C40186 ;   SCTID:361367007 ;   UMLS:C0582802 ;   VHOG:0000944 ;   Wikipedia:Digit_(anatomy) ;   XAO:0003032 ;   galen:Digit
Cyclic Relationships: mutually_spatially_disjoint_with mutually_spatially_disjoint_with UBERON:0009877
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