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adipose eyelid 
ala of nose 
barbel primordium +  
beak +  
caudal fin lower lobe 
caudal fin upper lobe 
caudal peduncle 
chitin-based cuticle +  
columella nasi 
dorsal organ 
external gill 
external integument structure +  
external naris +  
fish scute +  
gland of integumental system +  
gular region +  
insect adult integumentary system +  
insect embryonic/larval integumentary system +  
insect region of integument +  
integument +  
integumental taste bud +  
integumentary adnexa +  
integumentary system layer +  
lip +  
lower beak +  
median fin fold +  
muscularis orbicularis 
nuchal hump 
nuptial tubercle 
opercular flap +  
outer epithelium +  
paired limb/fin bud +  
papilla +  
scale +  
A small rigid plate that grows out of an animal's skin to provide protection. In lepidopteran (butterfly and moth) species, scales are plates on the surface of the insect wing, and provide coloration. Scales are quite common and have evolved multiple times with varying structure and function.
shell +  
skin muscle +  
spiracle (sensu Vertebrata) 
surface groove +  
tunicate tunic 
unicellular gland 
upper beak +  
urogenital papilla 
Westoll line 

Exact Synonyms: scale (sensu Metazoa)
Related Synonyms: scale tissue ;   scales
Xrefs: BTO:0005055 ;   EFO:0000960 ;   HAO:0000907 ;   MAT:0000257 ;   MIAA:0000257 ;   OpenCyc:Mx4rvVi9M5wpEbGdrcN5Y29ycA ;   Wikipedia:Scale_(zoology)
External Ontologys: n/a NCBITaxon:311790 ;   n/a NCBITaxon:314146 ;   n/a NCBITaxon:33554 ;   n/a NCBITaxon:7745 ;   n/a NCBITaxon:91561 ;   n/a NCBITaxon:9348 ;   n/a NCBITaxon:9362 ;   n/a NCBITaxon:9397 ;   n/a NCBITaxon:9787 ;   n/a NCBITaxon:9972
Definition Sources: Wikipedia:Scale_(zoology)

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