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acellular bone tissue 
adenohypophysis +  
allantois of embryonic urinary system 
anal fold 
anterior chamber swim bladder 
anterior uvea +  
Aristotle's lantern +  
aryepiglottic fold 
atrium auricular region +  
Bidder's organ 
bone condensation 
bulbus arteriosus inner layer 
bulbus arteriosus middle layer 
calcareous tooth +  
camera-type eye +  
caudal appendage 
caudal rod 
cellular bone tissue 
cervical sinus of His 
chorioretinal region +  
ciliary body +  
ciliary muscle 
ciliary processes 
coelom +  
common tendinous ring 
compound organ component +  
copula linguae 
cranial neural crest +  
dermal superficial region 
dermis +  
diencephalon +  
dorsal fin fold +  
dorsal part of optic cup 
ear +  
Eimer's organ 
elasmoid scale +  
embryonic cloacal fold +  
entire extraembryonic component +  
entire pharyngeal arch associated mesenchyme +  
entire pharyngeal arch endoderm +  
epicardium +  
external anal region +  
facial nerve +  
fin fold pectoral fin bud +  
flexural organ 
floor plate of neural tube +  
fluid-based anatomical entity 
forehead protuberance 
genital swelling +  
gill lamella +  
glial limiting membrane 
hair follicle bulge 
hair follicle matrix region 
heart +  
hypopharyngeal eminence 
imaginal disc +  
immature gonad 
incisor region of dentition 
inner cambium layer of periosteum 
inner limiting layer of retina 
insect cephalopharyngeal skeleton +  
insect embryonic head segment +  
insect embryonic/larval lymph gland 
internal anal region +  
intestinal bulb +  
iris +  
jaw region +  
lingual swellings +  
lower jaw region +  
maxillary canal 
midbrain +  
monkey lips dorsal bursa complex +  
nasal tentacle 
neural crest +  
neural crest-derived structure +  
notochord +  
odontode +  
odontode scale 
optic cup +  
oronasal membrane 
pair of dorsal aortae 
parasympathetic nervous system +  
parenchyma of thyroid gland 
pectoral fin fold 
pericardium +  
periocular mesenchyme 
pharyngeal arch +  
One of a series of paired bulges that develop along the lateral walls of the foregut. The pharyngeal arches have developmental contributions from endoderm, mesoderm, and neural crest cells and are separated by anterior lateral endoderm out-pockets known as pharyngeal pouches.
pharyngeal arch artery +  
pharyngeal pouch +  
phonic lip 
pituitary gland +  
posterior chamber swim bladder 
presumptive atrium primitive heart tube 
presumptive cardiac ventricle primitive heart tube 
primary vitreous 
primitive heart tube +  
primitive knot +  
prootic bulla 
regional part of nervous system +  
roof of mouth +  
rostral tubule 
sensory canal +  
serous membrane +  
skull +  
sphenoid bone pre-cartilage condensation +  
spinal cord +  
spiral prominence of cochlear duct 
stratum basale of epidermis +  
stria vascularis of cochlear duct +  
thyroid gland +  
tongue +  
trunk neural crest +  
tunica fibrosa of eyeball +  
ultimobranchial body +  
upper jaw region +  
urachus +  
uvea +  
vagus nerve +  
ventral fin fold +  
ventral liver lobe 
ventral part of optic cup +  
vomerine dentition +  

Exact Synonyms: pharyngeal arches
Narrow Synonyms: branchial arch
Related Synonyms: arcus pharyngei ;   visceral arch
Xrefs: AAO:0010359 ;   BTO:0001785 ;   EFO:0000959 ;   EHDAA:571 ;   EMAPA:16117 ;   FMA:293015 ;   GAID:1292 ;   MAT:0000242 ;   MESH:D001934 ;   MIAA:0000242 ;   NCI:C34249 ;   SCTID:308766004 ;   TAO:0001306 ;   UMLS:C0080322 ;   VHOG:0000155 ;   Wikipedia:Pharyngeal_arch ;   XAO:0000096 ;   ZFA:0001306
Definition Sources:, PMID:16313389, ZFA:yb

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