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limb +    
forelimb +  
hair of limb +  
hindlimb +  
limb blood vessel +  
limb connective tissue +  
limb external integument structure +  
limb joint +  
limb mesenchyme +  
limb nerve +  
limb segment +  
A major subdivision of a mature or developing limb, including both skeletal elements (or the mesenchyme that gives rise to the skeletal elements) and associated tissues, such as muscle, connective tissue, integument. Examples: autopod region, zeugopod region, stylopod region, metapodial region, arm region. Excludes the limb girdles.
limb skeleton subdivision +  
musculature of limb +  
pectoral fin base 
post-axial region of pectoral appendage 
pre-axial region 
skin of limb +  

Exact Synonyms: free limb segment ;   segment of limb ;   subdivision of limb
Related Synonyms: extremity part ;   limb region ;   region of limb
Xrefs: FMA:241863 ;   MA:0002889 ;   NCI:C38630 ;   UMLS:C1268195
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