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abdomen element +    
lymph node +    
abdominal lymph node +  
A lymph node that is part of an abdomen [Automatically generated definition].
abdominal mammary gland 
abdominal viscera +  
adrenal gland +  
afferent lymphatic vessel +  
arteriole of lymph node +  
auricular lymph node 
brachial lymph node 
bronchial lymph node 
cervical lymph node +  
corpuscles of Stannius 
cortex of lymph node +  
craniocervical lymph node 
deep lymph node +  
gastro-splenic ligament 
gastrophrenic ligament 
gubernaculum (male or female) +  
head kidney +  
hepatoduodenal ligament 
hepatogastric ligament 
hilum of lymph node 
ileocolic lymph node +  
inguinal ligament +  
interrenal gland 
kidney +  
lieno-renal ligament 
ligament of liver +  
liver +  
lymph node endothelium 
lymph node follicle marginal zone 
lymph node of head +  
lymph node of lower limb +  
lymph node of upper limb +  
medulla of lymph node +  
muscle of abdomen +  
paraaortic lymph node 
pelvic lymph node +  
periarterial lymphatic sheath 
peripheral lymph node +  
posterior kidney 
pulmonary lymph node +  
renal lymph node 
retroperitoneal lymph node 
splenic lymph node 
subcapsular sinus of lymph node 
subcutaneous lymph node 
sublumbar lymph node +  
superficial lymph node +  
thoracic lymph node +  
thymic lymph node 
trabecula of lymph node 
trabecular sinus of lymph node 
triangular ligament of liver 
venule of lymph node +  

Exact Synonyms: abdomen lymph node ;   lymph node of abdomen
Related Synonyms: parietal abdominal lymph node
Xrefs: EMAPA:35992 ;   FMA:12787 ;   MA:0002827 ;   SCTID:245342005
Definition Sources: OBOL:automatic

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