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anterior ethmoidal foramen 
bony labyrinth +  
bony otic capsule 
carotid canal 
craniopharyngeal canal 
dentary foramen 
ethmoid foramen 
facial nerve canal 
foramen cecum of frontal bone 
foramen for glossopharyngeal nerve +  
foramen lacerum 
foramen magnum 
foramen of nasal bone 
foramen ovale of skull 
foramen rotundum 
foramen spinosum of sphenoid bone 
greater palatine foramen 
hypoglossal canal 
incisive canal +  
incisive foramen 
infra-orbital canal of maxilla 
infra-orbital foramen of maxilla 
lateral occipital foramen 
lesser palatine foramen 
mandibular canal 
meckelian foramen 
mental foramen 
optic foramen +  
orbital fissure +  
osseus cochlear canal 
oval window 
The oval opening on the medial wall of the tympanic cavity leading into the vestibule, close to the foot of the stapes.
petrosal foramen 
piriform aperture 
posterior ethmoidal foramen 
posterior nasal aperture 
round window of inner ear 
scala media +  
scala tympani 
scala vestibuli 
subarcuate fossa 
suborbital foramen 
temporomandibular joint primordium +  
tympanic canal 
vestibular aqueduct 
vestibular canal 
vidian canal 

Exact Synonyms: oval window of petrous part of temporal bone
Related Synonyms: fenestra ovalis ;   fenestra vestibuli ;   vestibular window
Xrefs: EMAPA:19240 ;   FMA:56913 ;   GAID:882 ;   MA:0002813 ;   MESH:D010046 ;   NCIT:C32593 ;   SCTID:362561009 ;   Wikipedia:Oval_window
Definition Sources: ISBN:0-683-40008-8, MP:0004479

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