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limb segment +    
autopod region +  
distal segment of digit +  
lower limb segment +  
mesopodium region +  
metapodium region +  
palmar/plantar part of autopod +  
pastern region of limb +  
segment of autopod +  
stylopod +  
upper limb segment +  
zeugopod +  
The middle free limb segment, between the autopod and stylopod segments. Includes as parts the zeugopodial skeleton. Examples: There are two types of zeugopod: forelimb zeugopod (aka forearm), hindlimb zeugopod (aka crus).

Exact Synonyms: epipodium ;   middle free limb segment ;   middle limb segment ;   zeugopod limb segment ;   zeugopodial limb segment ;   zeugopodium ;   zygopod ;   zygopodium
Broad Synonyms: middle part of limb
Related Synonyms: middle segment of free limb
Xrefs: EFO:0000878 ;   FMA:83016 ;   MA:0002716 ;   MAT:0000092 ;   MIAA:0000092
Definition Sources:, PHENOSCAPE:curators

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