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autopod region +  
Terminal segment of free limb, immediately distal to the zeugopod region. The fully developed autopod consists of the autopod skeleton plus associated structures such as integument, muscle tissue, vasculature etc. The autopod is divided into mesopodial, metapodiual, and acropodial segments. Examples: human hand, mouse paw, human foot.
distal segment of digit +  
embryonic footplate +  
embryonic handplate +  
lower limb segment +  
mesopodium region +  
metapodium region +  
palmar/plantar part of autopod +  
pastern region of limb +  
segment of autopod +  
stylopod +  
upper limb segment +  
zeugopod +  

Exact Synonyms: autopodial limb segment ;   autopodial segment ;   autopodium ;   autopodium region ;   distal free limb segment ;   distal segment of free limb
Broad Synonyms: autopod
Related Synonyms: autopodial element ;   distal segment of limb ;   manus/pes ;   paw ;   paw/hand/foot/hoof ;   pod
Xrefs: BTO:0004359 ;   EFO:0000877 ;   EMAPA:32722 ;   FMA:83015 ;   MA:0002714 ;   MAT:0000091 ;   MIAA:0000091 ;   NCI:C77660 ;   SCTID:95936004 ;   UMLS:C0687080
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