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adventitia +  
afferent lamellar arteriole 
arachnoid barrier layer 
base of prostate 
blood vessel layer +  
blood vessel layer of choroid +  
capillary layer of choroid 
capsule of thymus +  
central zone of prostate 
coagulating gland 
connective tissue of prostate gland +  
coronary ligament of liver 
cortex of thymus 
dermal layer of tongue 
efferent lamellar arteriole 
endothelium of main bronchus 
endothelium of trachea 
epithelium of urethra +  
falciform fat 
falciform ligament +  
fibrous membrane of synovial tendon sheath 
gallbladder serosa 
gallbladder smooth muscle 
Haller's layer 
Hassall's corpuscle 
heart layer +  
hepatic cord +  
hepatic duct smooth muscle 
hyoidean artery 
integumentary system layer +  
intestinal villus +  
lamina of omasum 
lamina propria +  
layer of dura mater +  
layer of muscle tissue +  
layer of sclera +  
left lung endothelium 
liver blood vessel +  
liver serosa 
lobe of prostate +  
lower respiratory tract smooth muscle +  
lung blood vessel +  
lung connective tissue +  
lung endothelium 
lung mesenchyme +  
main bronchus blood vessel 
mediastinal pleura 
medulla of thymus +  
membranous layer +  
mixed ectoderm/mesoderm/endoderm-derived structure 
mucosa +  
muscle tissue of prostate +  
parietal pleura +  
The outer serous membrane of the pulmonary pleural.
parietal serous membrane +  
peripheral zone of prostate 
photoreceptor array +  
pleura +  
prostate duct 
prostate epithelium +  
prostate field +  
prostate gland +  
prostate gland stroma 
prostate glandular acinus 
prostate luminal epithelium 
prostatic capsule 
respiratory primordium mesenchyme 
right lung endothelium +  
round ligament of liver 
Sattler's layer 
scleral lamina cribrosa 
submucosa +  
subserosa +  
suprachoroid lamina 
tela choroidea +  
tendon sheath +  
testicular sheath 
thymus +  
thymus corticomedullary boundary 
thymus epithelium +  
thymus lobe +  
thymus lobule +  
thymus lymphoid tissue 
thymus trabecula 
trachea blood vessel 
transition zone of prostate 
tunica fibrosa of eyeball +  
tunica intima +  
ureter luminal urothelium 
ureter subluminal urothelium 
urinary bladder urothelium 
urogenital sinus epithelium +  
urothelium of ureter +  
uvea +  
ventricle of nervous system +  
visceral pleura 
visceral serous membrane +  

Related Synonyms: pleura parietalis
Xrefs: EMAPA:16776 ;   FMA:9733 ;   MA:0002488 ;   NCI:C33273 ;   SCTID:361998003 ;   UMLS:C0225777 ;   VHOG:0001495 ;   Wikipedia:Parietal_pleura
Definition Sources: UBERON:cjm, Wikipedia:Pulmonary_pleurae

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