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abdominal air sac 
abdominal lymph node +  
abdominal mammary gland 
abdominal viscera +  
adrenal gland +  
Either of a pair of complex endocrine organs near the anterior medial border of the kidney consisting of a mesodermal cortex that produces glucocorticoid, mineralocorticoid, and androgenic hormones and an ectodermal medulla that produces epinephrine and norepinephrine[BTO].
ala of nose 
alisphenoid bone 
angular bone 
antenna +  
anterior thoracic air sac 
appendage girdle complex +  
aryepiglottic fold 
arytenoid cartilage +  
atlanto-occipital joint +  
branch of Y-shaped fibrocartilage skeleton of ventral pouch 
bulb of vestibule 
buttock +  
camera-type eye +  
cerebellar hemisphere +  
cerebral crus 
cerebral hemisphere +  
cervical air sac 
cheek +  
clavicle bone +  
coccygeal nerve 
coccygeus muscle 
common iliac vein 
corpuscles of Stannius 
costal diaphragm 
costal plate of carapace 
cranial neuron projection bundle +  
dentary +  
depressor labii inferioris 
dorsal bursa +  
dorsal funiculus of spinal cord +  
dorsal horn of spinal cord +  
dorsal plus ventral thalamus +  
ejaculatory duct +  
epigonal organ 
epipubic bone 
external ear +  
fallopian tube +  
gastric vein +  
gastro-splenic ligament 
gastrophrenic ligament 
genital labium +  
great vein of heart 
gubernaculum (male or female) +  
head kidney +  
hepatoduodenal ligament 
hepatogastric ligament 
hyoid bone greater horn 
hyoid bone lesser horn 
ilium +  
inferior colliculus +  
inferior nasal concha +  
inferior parathyroid gland +  
inferior rectal artery 
inguinal ligament +  
inner canthus +  
inner quadrant of breast +  
innominate bone +  
internal pudendal artery 
interrenal gland 
ischium +  
jugal bone +  
kidney +  
lacrimal bone 
laryngeal vocal fold +  
lateral incisor tooth +  
lateral vaginal canal 
lateral wall of nasopharynx 
lateral wall of oropharynx 
left anterior cardinal vein 
left apical axillary lymph node 
left auditory cortex 
left bundle branch 
left cardiac chamber +  
left central axillary lymph node 
left common iliac artery 
left crus of diaphragm 
left dorsal thalamus 
left ear 
left extraembryonic umbilical vein 
left eye +  
left forelimb 
left gastric lymph node +  
left hindlimb 
left inguinal part of abdomen 
left lateral ventricle 
left lymph heart 
left nipple 
left occipital lymph node 
left ovary 
left parietal lumbar lymph node +  
left part of face 
left pectoral axillary lymph node 
left posterior cardinal vein 
left recurrent laryngeal nerve 
left retropharyngeal lymph node 
left side of back 
left subcardinal vein 
left subclavian artery 
left subcostal vein 
left subscapular axillary lymph node 
left superior intercostal vein 
left suprarenal vein 
left testis 
left umbilical vein +  
left vagus X nerve trunk 
left vitelline vein 
levator veli palatini 
lieno-renal ligament 
ligament of liver +  
lingual artery 
lingual tonsil 
liver +  
lobe of thyroid gland +  
lung +  
major salivary gland +  
major vestibular gland +  
male genital duct +  
maxilla +  
mentalis muscle 
monkey lips dorsal bursa complex +  
Mullerian duct +  
muscle of abdomen +  
nasal bone +  
nasalis muscle 
neural fold +  
olfactory bulb +  
optic foramen +  
orbit of skull +  
orbital part of frontal bone 
orbitosphenoid +  
outer canthus +  
outer quadrant of breast +  
ovarian vein +  
paired venous dural sinus +  
palatine bone +  
palatopharyngeus muscle +  
pancreas left lobe 
pancreas right lobe 
paraxial mesoderm +  
pectoral girdle region +  
pelvic girdle region +  
periarterial lymphatic sheath 
pleural plate of carapace 
pleural sac +  
posterior cerebral artery +  
posterior communicating artery 
posterior kidney 
posterior thoracic air sac 
prostate gland lateral lobe 
pubis +  
quadrate bone +  
right anterior cardinal vein 
right apical axillary lymph node 
right auditory cortex 
right bundle branch 
right cardiac chamber +  
right central axillary lymph node 
right common iliac artery 
right crus of diaphragm 
right dorsal thalamus 
right ear 
right extraembryonic umbilical vein 
right eye +  
right forelimb 
right hindlimb 
right inguinal part of abdomen 
right lateral ventricle 
right lymph heart 
right nipple 
right occipital lymph node 
right ovary 
right part of face 
right pectoral axillary lymph node 
right posterior cardinal vein 
right recurrent laryngeal nerve 
right retropharyngeal lymph node 
right side of back 
right subcardinal vein 
right subclavian artery 
right subcostal vein 
right subscapular axillary lymph node 
right superior intercostal vein 
right suprarenal vein 
right testis 
right umbilical vein 
right vagus X nerve trunk 
right vitelline vein 
sacro-iliac joint 
salpingopharyngeus muscle 
sphenoid bone pterygoid process +  
spinal cord lateral horn +  
stylopharyngeus muscle 
substantia nigra +  
superior colliculus +  
superior parathyroid gland +  
sympathetic trunk +  
temporomandibular joint +  
tensor veli palatini 
testicular vein +  
thymus lobe +  
transverse foramen of axis 
transverse process of atlas +  
triangular ligament of liver 
upper left incisor tooth +  
upper right incisor tusk 
ureter +  
uterine artery 
uterine horn +  
velar vocal fold 
ventral funiculus of spinal cord +  
ventral horn of spinal cord +  
zygapophysis +  
zygomatic arch +  

Exact Synonyms: glandula adrenalis
Related Synonyms: adrenal ;   adrenal capsule ;   adrenal medulla cell ;   atrabiliary capsule ;   epinephric gland ;   epinephros ;   glandula suprarenalis ;   interrenal gland ;   suprarenal capsule ;   suprarenal gland
Xrefs: AAO:0010551 ;   BTO:0000047 ;   CALOHA:TS-0016 ;   EFO:0000238 ;   EMAPA:18426 ;   EV:0100135 ;   FMA:9604 ;   GAID:446 ;   MA:0000116 ;   MAT:0000071 ;   MESH:D000311 ;   MIAA:0000071 ;   NCIT:C12666 ;   SCTID:181127006 ;   UMLS:C0001625 ;   VHOG:0001141 ;   Wikipedia:Adrenal_gland ;   XAO:0000164 ;   galen:AdrenalGland
Definition Sources: BTO:0000047, Wikipedia:Adrenal_gland

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