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exocrine system +    
gland +    
alveolar gland 
ascidian neural complex +  
embryonic cement gland 
endocrine gland +  
excretory gland +  
exocrine gland +  
A gland that secretes products (excluding hormones and other chemical messengers) into ducts (duct glands) which lead directly into the external environment[WP]. Typical exocrine glands include sweat glands, salivary glands, mammary glands, stomach, liver, pancreas.
eye gland +  
gland of diencephalon +  
gland of digestive tract +  
gland of integumental system +  
gland of ocular region +  
glandular acinus +  
granular gland 
gular gland 
hatching gland 
hemolymphoid system gland +  
intermaxillary gland (sensu Osteolepiformes) 
parotoid gland 
pterygopodial gland 
reproductive gland +  
respiratory system gland +  
salt gland +  
stomatodeum gland 
swim bladder gas gland 

Exact Synonyms: ducted gland ;   glandula exocrina
Xrefs: AEO:0000097 ;   BTO:0000765 ;   CALOHA:TS-2012 ;   EHDAA2:0003097 ;   EMAPA:35327 ;   FMA:9596 ;   GAID:34 ;   MA:0002564 ;   MESH:D005088 ;   NCI:C12712 ;   SCTID:115976003 ;   UMLS:C0015282 ;   Wikipedia:Exocrine_gland
Definition Sources: Wikipedia:Exocrine_gland

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