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skeletal joint +    
atlanto-axial joint 
autopalatine-lateral ethmoid joint 
autopalatine-maxillary joint 
autopalatine-vomer joint 
basioccipital-exoccipital joint 
ceratohyal-branchiostegal ray joint 
ceratohyal-dorsal hypohyal joint 
ceratohyal-ventral hypohyal joint 
dentary-anguloarticular joint 
dermal intracranial joint 
dermal neck joint 
dorsal hypohyal-urohyal joint 
dorsal hypohyal-ventral hypohyal joint 
endoskeletal cranial joint 
epibranchial 3-pharyngobranchial 3 joint 
epibranchial 3-pharyngobranchial 4 joint 
epibranchial 4-upper pharyngeal toothplate joint 
epihyal-branchiostegal ray joint 
epihyal-ceratohyal joint 
frontal-pterotic joint 
hinge joint 
hyomandibula-metapterygoid joint 
hyomandibula-opercle joint 
hyomandibular-otic region joint 
inter-basipterygium joint 
inter-frontal joint 
inter-hypobranchial 3 joint 
inter-premaxillary joint +  
inter-ventral hypohyal joint 
intercuneiform joint +  
interhyal-epihyal joint 
joint of girdle +  
joint of rib +  
lateral ethmoid-frontal joint 
limb joint +  
mesethmoid-frontal joint 
mesethmoid-lateral ethmoid joint 
mesethmoid-nasal joint 
mesethmoid-vomer joint 
nonsynovial joint +  
opercle-interopercle joint 
orbitosphenoid-lateral ethmoid joint 
orbitosphenoid-prootic joint 
parasphenoid-basioccipital joint 
parasphenoid-pterosphenoid joint 
posttemporal-parietal joint 
preopercle horizontal limb-symplectic joint 
preopercle vertical limb-hyomandibula joint 
preopercle-opercle joint 
prootic-exoccipital joint 
prootic-pterosphenoid joint 
pterosphenoid-orbitosphenoid joint 
quadrate-hyomandibula joint 
quadrate-metapterygoid joint 
saddle joint 
shoulder joint +  
supraoccipital-parietal joint 
synovial joint +  
Joint in which the articulating bones or cartilages are connected by an articular capsule which encloses a synovial membrane and a synovial cavity. Examples: Temporomandibular joint, knee joint.[FMA].
ventral hypohyal-urohyal joint 
vertebra 4-vertebra 5 joint 
vertebra 5-vertebra 6 joint 
vertebra 6 - vertebra 7 joint 

Exact Synonyms: articulatio synoviale ;   diarthroses ;   diarthrosis ;   diarthrosis joint
Related Synonyms: diarthrodial joints
Xrefs: AEO:0000183 ;   CALOHA:TS-2138 ;   EHDAA2:0003183 ;   FMA:7501 ;   MA:0000322 ;   NCIT:C32461 ;   OpenCyc:Mx4rv2bBV5wpEbGdrcN5Y29ycA ;   SCTID:113234001 ;   TAO:0005153 ;   Wikipedia:Synovial_joint ;   ZFA:0005153 ;   galen:SynovialJoint
Definition Sources: FMA:7501, Wikipedia:Synovial_joint

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