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artery smooth muscle tissue (UBERON:0002111)
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alveolar artery +  
aorta smooth muscle tissue +  
aortic sac +  
arteriole smooth muscle 
artery of appendix 
artery of lip +  
artery smooth muscle tissue +  
A portion of smooth muscle tissue that is part of an artery [Automatically generated definition].
artery wall +  
auricular artery +  
axillary artery 
basal communicating artery 
brachial artery 
branch of brachial artery 
branch of ulnar artery 
buccal artery 
calcarine artery 
celiacomesenteric artery 
central artery +  
cerebellar artery +  
cervical artery +  
choroidal artery +  
coeliaco-mesenteric artery +  
colic artery 
communicating artery +  
communicating vessel palatocerebral artery 
costo-cervical trunk 
cutaneus artery 
cystic artery 
deep brachial artery 
digital artery +  
dorsal branch nasal ciliary artery +  
dorsal metacarpal artery 
duodeno-hepatic artery 
duodeno-pancreatic artery 
embryo portion of umbilical artery 
endothelium of artery +  
epigastric artery +  
gastroepiploic artery +  
greater palatine artery 
haemal node 
helicine artery +  
hepatic artery +  
hyaloid artery +  
hyoid artery +  
hypobranchial artery 
hypophysial artery +  
iliac circumflex artery +  
inferior branch of oculomotor nerve 
infraorbital artery 
interlobar artery 
intersomitic artery +  
kidney arcuate artery 
labyrinthine artery 
lateral dorsal aorta 
lateral thoracic artery 
left pulmonary artery 
lymph node artery 
masseteric artery +  
maxillary artery 
medial tarsal artery 
median artery 
meningeal artery +  
mental artery 
mesencephalic artery 
metencephalic artery 
nasal artery 
nasal ciliary artery +  
opercular artery 
optic artery 
ovarian artery +  
palatocerebral artery 
palpebral artery +  
pancreaticoduodenal artery +  
placental artery +  
posterior palatine artery 
posterior superior alveolar artery 
presumptive mesencephalic artery +  
primitive prosencephalic artery +  
principal artery to limb +  
prosencephalic artery 
pseudobranchial artery 
pudendal artery +  
pulmonary artery +  
pulmonary trunk +  
radial artery 
rectal artery +  
renal afferent arteriole +  
renal cortex artery 
respiratory system arterial smooth muscle 
respiratory system artery +  
respiratory system blood vessel smooth muscle +  
right colic artery 
right pulmonary artery 
saphenous artery 
spiral modiolar artery 
stapedial artery 
subscapular artery 
superior branch of oculomotor nerve 
suprabranchial artery 
supraintestinal artery 
suprarenal artery +  
sural artery 
swim bladder artery 
systemic artery +  
temporal artery +  
thoracic cavity artery +  
thoraco-acromial artery 
thoracodorsal artery 
thyroid artery +  
transformed artery +  
truncus arteriosus +  
ulnar artery 
umbilical artery +  
urethral artery 
uterine spiral artery 
venous system smooth muscle +  
ventral branch nasal ciliary artery +  
vesical artery +  

Exact Synonyms: arterial smooth muscle ;   artery smooth muscle ;   smooth muscle of artery
Related Synonyms: arterial smooth muscle cell
Xrefs: BTO:0000087 ;   CALOHA:TS-1198 ;   EMAPA:36285 ;   FMA:72024 ;   MA:0000708 ;   NCIT:C49195 ;   UMLS:C1706851
Definition Sources: OBOL:automatic

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