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serous membrane +    
gallbladder serosa 
gastrointestinal system serosa +  
layer of synovial tissue +  
liver serosa 
mesentery +  
Anatomical organ component composed of a double layer of serous membrane that suspends a viscus from the body wall or connects adjacent viscera and in doing so conveys blood vessels, lymphatics and nerves to and from the viscera. Examples: greater omentum, broad ligament of uterus, sigmoid mesocolon.
mesothelium +  
parietal serous membrane +  
peritoneum +  
pleura +  
serosa of cloaca 
serosa of esophagus +  
serosa of infundibulum of uterine tube 
serosa of urinary bladder 
serosa of uterine tube 
serosa of uterus +  
serous pericardium +  
visceral serous membrane +  
wall of synovial tendon sheath 

Exact Synonyms: generic mesentery
Xrefs: AAO:0011061 ;   BTO:0001380 ;   EV:0100083 ;   FMA:7144 ;   GAID:21 ;   MESH:D008643 ;   NCI:C33103 ;   SCTID:362707009 ;   UMLS:C0025474 ;   Wikipedia:Mesentery#Mesentery_.28general.29 ;   galen:Mesentery
Definition Sources: FMA:7144,, Wikipedia:Mesentery, Wikipedia:Mesentery#Mesentery_.28general.29

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