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accessory hemiazygos vein 
accessory vertebral vein 
anterior facial vein 
anterior vertebral vein 
axillary vein 
azygos vein +  
brachial vein 
brachiocephalic vein +  
bronchial vein 
cardinal vein +  
caudal humeral circumflex vein 
cerebellar vein +  
cerebral vein +  
cutaneous vein 
cutaneus magnus 
cystic vein 
deep facial vein 
deep vein +  
deferent duct vein 
digital vein +  
dorsal longitudinal vein 
dorsal metatarsal vein 
dorsal vein of penis +  
dorsal venous arch 
ductus arteriosus +  
ductus venosus +  
The vascular channel in the fetus passing through the liver and joining the umbilical vein with the inferior vena cava.
embryo portion of umbilical vein 
endothelium of vein +  
epigastric vein +  
extraembryonic umbilical vein +  
femoral vein 
gastric vein +  
gonadal vein 
hemiazygos vein 
iliac vein +  
iliolumbar vein 
intercostal vein +  
interlobar vein 
internal mammary vein 
intersomitic vein +  
Jacobson's vein 
jugular vein +  
lacrimal vein 
lateral marginal vein 
lateral vein +  
left anterior vena cava +  
lingual vein 
lymph node vein 
masseteric vein 
maxillary vein 
medial circumflex femoral vein 
medial marginal vein 
median axial vein 
median sacral vein 
meningeal vein 
mesencephalic vein 
mesenteric vein +  
naso-frontal vein 
nutrient foramen vein 
obturator vein 
ovarian vein +  
oviducal vein 
parotid vein 
pectoral vein 
pelvic vein 
penile bulb vein 
pericardiacophrenic vein 
perineal vein 
phrenic vein +  
placental vein 
popliteal vein 
portal vein +  
postcaval vein 
posterior external jugular vein 
precaval vein 
prepyloric vein 
primordial vasculature +  
prinicipal vein of limb +  
pubic vein 
pudendal vein +  
pulmonary vein +  
renal portal vein 
renal vein +  
respiratory system venous blood vessel +  
right anterior vena cava 
sigmoid vein 
spinal vein 
splenic vein 
subcardinal vein +  
subclavian vein 
subcostal vein +  
subintestinal vein 
subscapular vein 
superficial vein +  
superior laryngeal vein 
supraintestinal vein 
suprarenal vein +  
suprascapular vein 
systemic vein +  
tail vein +  
testicular vein +  
thoracic cavity vein +  
thoracic vein +  
thoracodorsal vein 
thymic vein 
thyroid vein +  
tibial vein +  
trans-choroid plexus branch 
transformed vein +  
transverse facial vein 
tributary of central retinal vein 
tunica adventitia of vein 
tunica intima of vein 
tunica media of vein 
umbilical vein +  
ureteric vein 
urethral vein 
uveal vein +  
vaginal vein 
vein of abdomen +  
vein of appendix 
vein of clitoris +  
vein of genicular venous plexus 
vein of hindlimb zeugopod +  
vein of lip +  
vein of trabecular bone 
vein of vestibular aqueduct 
venous valve +  
ventral abdominal vein 
vertebral vein +  
vesical vein +  
vestibular bulb vein 
vulval vein 

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Definition Sources: VHOG:0000924

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