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afferent spiracular artery 
alveolar artery +  
aorta endothelium 
aortic sac +  
appendicular artery 
arcuate artery of foot 
artery of appendix 
artery of lip +  
artery smooth muscle tissue +  
artery wall +  
auricular artery +  
axillary artery 
basal communicating artery 
brachial artery 
branch of anterior cerebral artery +  
branch of basilar artery +  
branch of brachial artery 
branch of external carotid artery +  
branch of left coronary artery +  
branch of middle cerebral artery +  
branch of posterior cerebral artery +  
branch of posterior tibial artery +  
branch of ulnar artery 
branch of vertebral artery +  
buccal artery 
calcarine artery 
caroticotympanic artery 
caudal artery 
cavernous artery 
celiacomesenteric artery 
central artery +  
central retinal artery 
cerebellar artery +  
cervical artery +  
choroidal artery +  
coeliaco-mesenteric artery +  
colic artery 
communicating artery +  
communicating vessel palatocerebral artery 
continuous capillary 
costo-cervical trunk 
cremasteric artery 
cutaneus artery 
cystic artery 
deep artery of clitoris 
deep brachial artery 
deep femoral artery +  
deferent duct artery 
digital artery +  
dorsal artery of clitoris 
dorsal branch nasal ciliary artery +  
dorsal metacarpal artery 
dorsalis pedis artery 
duodeno-hepatic artery 
duodeno-pancreatic artery 
efferent spiracular artery 
embryo portion of umbilical artery 
endothelium of arteriole 
endothelium of artery +  
An endothelium that is part of an artery [Automatically generated definition].
endothelium of vein +  
epigastric artery +  
ethmoidal artery +  
extraembryonic portion of umbilical artery +  
femoral artery +  
fenestrated capillary +  
gastroduodenal artery +  
gastroepiploic artery +  
greater palatine artery 
haemal node 
helicine artery +  
hepatic artery +  
hyaloid artery +  
hyoid artery +  
hypobranchial artery 
hypophysial artery +  
ileocolic artery 
iliac circumflex artery +  
iliolumbar artery 
infraorbital artery 
interlobar artery 
intersomitic artery +  
jejunal artery 
kidney arcuate artery 
labyrinthine artery 
lacrimal artery 
lateral dorsal aorta 
lateral thoracic artery 
left anterior segmental artery 
left colic artery 
left gastric artery 
left pulmonary artery +  
lymph node artery 
masseteric artery +  
maxillary artery 
medial circumflex femoral artery 
medial plantar artery 
medial tarsal artery 
median artery 
meningeal artery +  
mental artery 
mesencephalic artery 
metencephalic artery 
microvascular endothelium +  
middle colic artery 
nasal artery 
nasal ciliary artery +  
obturator artery 
ocular angle artery 
opercular artery 
ophthalmic artery +  
ophthalmotemporal branch of external ophthalmic artery 
optic artery 
ovarian artery +  
palatocerebral artery 
palpebral artery +  
pancreatic artery 
pancreaticoduodenal artery +  
penicillar arteriole 
perineal artery 
placental artery +  
plantar metatarsal artery 
popliteal artery 
posterior labial artery 
posterior palatine artery 
posterior superior alveolar artery 
presumptive mesencephalic artery +  
primitive prosencephalic artery +  
principal artery to limb +  
prosencephalic artery 
pseudobranchial artery 
pudendal artery +  
pulmonary artery +  
pulmonary trunk +  
radial artery 
rectal artery +  
renal afferent arteriole +  
renal cortex artery 
respiratory system artery +  
respiratory system blood vessel endothelium +  
right colic artery 
right pulmonary artery 
saphenous artery 
sigmoid artery 
spiral modiolar artery 
spleen trabecular artery 
splenic artery 
stapedial artery 
sublingual artery 
subscapular artery 
superior gluteal artery 
superior thoracic artery 
suprabranchial artery 
supraintestinal artery 
supraorbital artery 
suprarenal artery +  
sural artery 
swim bladder artery 
systemic artery +  
temporal artery +  
terminal branch of ophthalmic artery +  
thoracic cavity artery 
thoraco-acromial artery 
thoracodorsal artery 
thymic artery +  
thyroid artery +  
tibial artery +  
transformed artery +  
truncus arteriosus +  
ulnar artery 
umbilical artery +  
urethral artery 
uterine spiral artery 
ventral branch nasal ciliary artery +  
vesical artery +  
vestibular bulb artery 
vitelline artery 
zygomatico-orbital artery 

Exact Synonyms: arterial endothelium ;   artery endothelium
Xrefs: AAO:0011013 ;   BTO:0004757 ;   EMAPA:35148 ;   FMA:62116 ;   MA:0000707 ;   NCI:C49194 ;   UMLS:C1179025 ;   VHOG:0001215 ;   XAO:0000357
Definition Sources: OBOL:automatic

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