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accessory olfactory bulb +  
agranular insular cortex 
allocortex +  
ambient gyrus 
Ammon's horn +  
amygdalohippocampal area, magnocellular division 
amygdalohippocampal area, parvocellular division 
amygdalohippocampal transition area 
amygdalopiriform transition area 
anterior cingulate cortex +  
anterior corona radiata 
anterior division of bed nuclei of stria terminalis +  
anterior hypothalamic region +  
anterior median eminence 
anterior nucleus of hypothalamus anterior part 
anterior nucleus of hypothalamus central part 
anterior nucleus of hypothalamus dorsal part 
anterior nucleus of hypothalamus posterior part 
anterior parahippocampal gyrus 
anterior perforated substance 
anterior segment of paracentral lobule 
anterior temporal fusiform gyrus 
anterolateral visual area +  
anterolateral visual area, layer 5 
anteromedial visual area +  
anteromedial visual area, layer 5 
arcopallium +  
auditory cortex +  
basal forebrain +  
basal part of pons +  
basis pontis 
bed nuclei of the stria terminalis oval nucleus 
brainstem +  
Brodmann area +  
calcar avis of the lateral ventricle 
caudal anterior cingulate cortex 
caudal CA1 +  
caudal CA2 +  
caudal CA3 +  
caudal tuberculum +  
caudal zone of median tuberal portion of hypothalamus +  
central pretectum +  
cerebellar peduncular complex +  
cerebellopontine angle 
cerebellum +  
chemoarchitectural part of brain +  
cingulate cortex +  
circumventricular organ +  
core of nucleus accumbens 
corpus cerebelli +  
corpus striatum +  
cytoarchitectural part of dentate gyrus 
cytoarchitecture of entorhinal cortex 
dentate gyrus of hippocampal formation +  
diencephalon +  
dopaminergic cell groups +  
dorsal auditory area +  
dorsal auditory area, layer 4 
dorsal cap of Kooy 
dorsal hypothalamic area 
dorsal pallium +  
dorsal peduncular area 
dorsal periventricular hypothalamus 
dorsal plus ventral thalamus +  
dorsal tegmental nucleus pars dorsalis 
dorsal tegmental nucleus pars ventralis 
dorsal thalamus +  
dorsal ventricular ridge of pallium 
dorsal zone of median tuberal portion of hypothalamus +  
dorsolateral part of supraoptic nucleus 
dorsolateral prefrontal cortex +  
early prosencephalic vesicle +  
eminentia granularis 
epithalamus +  
extrapyramidal tract system 
floor plate of diencephalon +  
floor plate of medulla oblongata 
floor plate of metencephalon 
floor plate of midbrain 
floor plate of telencephalon 
forebrain +  
The most anterior region of the brain including both the telencephalon and diencephalon.
forebrain midbrain boundary neural tube 
forebrain neural plate +  
forebrain neural tube 
frontal operculum 
functional part of brain +  
fundus striati 
future diencephalon +  
future telencephalon +  
genu of corpus callosum +  
glossopharyngeal lobe 
granular eminence 
granular insular cortex 
gross anatomical parts of the cerebellum 
habenula +  
habenular trigone 
Hadjikhani et al. (1998) visuotopic area V2d 
Hadjikhani et al. (1998) visuotopic partition scheme region +  
hindbrain +  
hippocampal field +  
hippocampal formation +  
hippocampal formation of GP94 
hyperpallium apicale +  
hypothalamus +  
inferior colliculus +  
inferior lateral occipital cortex 
inferior lobe +  
inferior rostral gyrus 
inferior transverse frontopolar gyrus 
infralimbic area 
interanterodorsal nucleus of the thalamus 
intergeniculate leaflet of the lateral geniculate complex 
intermediate hypothalamic region +  
intermediate part of hypophysis 
interstitial part of hyperpallium apicale 
isla magna of Calleja 
islands of Calleja of olfactory tubercle 
isthmus of cingulate cortex 
lateral amygdaloid nucleus, dorsolateral part 
lateral amygdaloid nucleus, ventrolateral part 
lateral amygdaloid nucleus, ventromedial part 
lateral division 
lateral granular eminence 
lateral hypothalamic area +  
lateral orbital frontal cortex 
lateral pallium +  
lateral visual area +  
lateral visual area, layer 4 
lateral visual area, layer 5 
lateral visual area, layer 6a 
lower rhombic lip 
main olfactory bulb +  
medial accessory olive 
medial caudal lobe 
medial division 
medial orbital frontal cortex 
medial pallium 
medial preoptic region +  
medial transverse frontopolar gyrus 
medial ventral tegmental area 
median tuberal portion +  
medullary command nucleus 
midbrain +  
midbrain neural tube +  
midbrain raphe nuclei 
midbrain tectum +  
midbrain tegmentum +  
neocortex +  
neural lobe of neurohypophysis 
nidopallium +  
noradrenergic cell groups +  
nucleus of the brachium of the inferior colliculus 
occipital fusiform gyrus 
olfactory bulb +  
olfactory cortex +  
olfactory entorhinal cortex 
olfactory trigone 
Ongur, Price, and Ferry (2003) prefrontal cortical partition scheme region +  
operculum of brain +  
orbital gyri complex 
orbital operculum 
P1 area of pallium (Myxiniformes) 
P2 area of pallium (Myxiniformes) 
P3 area of pallium (Myxiniformes) 
P4 area of pallium (Myxiniformes) 
P5 area of pallium (Myxiniformes) 
pallium +  
paracingulate gyrus 
parapyramidal nucleus +  
paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus descending division +  
paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus descending division - dorsal parvocellular part 
paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus descending division - forniceal part 
paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus descending division - lateral parvocellular part 
paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus descending division - medial parvocellular part, ventral zone 
paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus magnocellular division +  
paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus magnocellular division - anterior magnocellular part 
paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus magnocellular division - medial magnocellular part 
paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus magnocellular division - posterior magnocellular part 
paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus magnocellular division - posterior magnocellular part lateral zone 
paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus magnocellular division - posterior magnocellular part medial zone 
paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus parvocellular division 
parietal operculum 
periamygdaloid cortex 
pericalcarine cortex 
perirhinal cortex +  
periventricular grey zone 
pineal gland stalk 
piriform cortex +  
piriform-amygdalar area 
pituitary stalk 
planum polare 
planum temporale 
pole of cerebral hemisphere +  
pons +  
posterior cingulate cortex 
posterior corona radiata 
posterior division of bed nuclei of stria terminalis +  
posterior hypothalamic region +  
posterior median eminence 
posterior parietal association areas +  
posterior parietal cortex 
posterior segment of paracentral lobule 
posterior temporal fusiform gyrus 
posterolateral visual area +  
posterolateral visual area, layer 4 
posteromedial visual area +  
posteromedial visual area, layer 4 
posteromedial visual area, layer 6a 
postrhinal area +  
postrhinal area, layer 4 
postrhinal cortex of rodent of Burwell et al 1995 
precentral operculum 
prefrontal cortex +  
prelimbic area 
premotor cortex 
preoptic area +  
prepyriform area 
Press, Brewer, Dougherty, Wade and Wandell (2001) visuotopic area V7 
presumptive midbrain +  
primary auditory cortex 
primary motor cortex +  
primary olfactory cortex 
primary visual area, layer 2/3 
primary visual area, layer 4 
primary visual area, layer 5 
primary visual area, layer 6a 
principal anterior division of supraoptic nucleus 
pyramid of medulla oblongata 
raphe nuclei +  
regional part of cerebellar cortex +  
reticular formation +  
retrohippocampal region +  
retrolenticular part of internal capsule +  
retrorubral area of midbrain reticular nucleus 
retrosplenial granular cortex 
retrosplenial region +  
rostral anterior cingulate cortex 
rostral CA1 +  
rostral CA2 +  
rostral CA3 +  
rostral middle frontal gyrus 
rostral migratory stream 
rostral portion of the medial accessory olive 
rostral ventrolateral medulla 
rostrolateral area, layer 5 
rostrolateral visual area +  
secondary auditory cortex 
secondary olfactory cortex +  
secondary prosencephalon 
shell of nucleus accumbens 
Sommer's sector 
spinocerebellum +  
subdivision of diagonal band +  
subicular complex 
subparaventricular zone 
substantia nigra pars lateralis 
superficial feature part of forebrain 
superficial feature part of occipital lobe 
superficial feature part of the cerebellum 
superficial pretectum +  
superior cerebellar peduncle of midbrain 
superior cerebellar peduncle of pons 
superior colliculus +  
superior corona radiata 
superior lateral occipital cortex 
superior rostral gyrus 
superior transverse frontopolar gyrus 
supplemental motor cortex 
suprachiasmatic nucleus dorsomedial part 
suprachiasmatic nucleus ventrolateral part 
synencephalon +  
telencephalon +  
temporal fusiform gyrus 
temporal operculum 
temporoparietal junction 
thalamic eminence 
Tootell and Hadjikhani (2001) LOC/LOP complex 
torus longitudinalis 
torus semicircularis +  
transverse frontopolar gyri complex +  
tuber cinereum 
tuberomammillary nucleus dorsal part 
tuberomammillary nucleus ventral part 
uncal CA1 +  
uncal CA2 +  
uncal CA3 +  
uncinate fasciculus of the forebrain 
uncus of parahippocampal gyrus +  
upper rhombic lip 
valvula cerebelli +  
ventral pallium 
ventral part of telencephalon +  
ventral tegmental area +  
ventral thalamus +  
ventral zone +  
ventral zone of medial entorhinal cortex 
vestibulocerebellum +  
vestibulolateralis lobe +  
visceral area 

Broad Synonyms: FB
Related Synonyms: prosencephalon
Xrefs: AAO:0010147 ;   BAMS:FB ;   BAMS:Forebrain ;   BTO:0000478 ;   CALOHA:TS-0380 ;   DHBA:10156 ;   DMBA:15566 ;   EFO:0000909 ;   EHDAA2:0000556 ;   EHDAA:3470 ;   EMAPA:16895 ;   FMA:61992 ;   MA:0000170 ;   MAT:0000105 ;   MESH:D016548 ;   MIAA:0000105 ;   NCIT:C40185 ;   SCTID:362291003 ;   TAO:0000109 ;   UMLS:C0085140 ;   VHOG:0000383 ;   Wikipedia:Forebrain ;   XAO:0000011 ;   ZFA:0000109 ;   birnlex:1509 ;   neuronames:27
External Ontologys: n/a NCBITaxon:9606
Definition Sources: Wikipedia:Forebrain, ZFIN:ZDB-PUB-961014-576

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