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brain ependyma +  
brain ventricle +  
cerebellum vasculature +  
choroid plexus +  
A network formed by blood vessels and the tela choroidea which secretes CSF into the ventricular spaces.
fourth ventricle +  
heart vasculature +  
hyaloid vascular plexus +  
kidney vasculature +  
lung vasculature +  
midbrain cerebral aqueduct +  
optic choroid vascular plexus 
pharyngeal vasculature +  
placental labyrinth vasculature +  
prostatic venous plexus 
straight venules of kidney 
stria vascularis vasculature 
tela choroidea of fourth ventricle 
tela choroidea of midbrain cerebral aqueduct 
tela choroidea of telencephalic ventricle 
tela choroidea of third ventricle 
telencephalic ventricle +  
third ventricle +  
urinary bladder vasculature 
vaginal venous plexus 
vascular element of left lung 
vascular element of right lung 
vasculature of brain +  
vasculature of eye +  
vasculature of liver +  
vasculature of muscle organ 
vasculature of spleen 
venous plexus +  

Exact Synonyms: chorioid plexus
Broad Synonyms: CP
Related Synonyms: choroid plexus of cerebral hemisphere ;   plexus choroideus ;   ventricular choroid plexus
Xrefs: BAMS:CHP ;   BAMS:GHP ;   BAMS:chpl ;   BTO:0000258 ;   CALOHA:TS-0145 ;   EFO:0001915 ;   EMAPA:32741 ;   FMA:61934 ;   GAID:607 ;   MA:0000823 ;   MBA:108 ;   MESH:D002831 ;   NCIT:C12694 ;   SCTID:264450003 ;   TAO:0001443 ;   UMLS:C0008524 ;   VHOG:0001377 ;   Wikipedia:Choroid_plexus ;   ZFA:0001443 ;
Definition Sources: ISBN:0471888893, Wikipedia:Choroid_plexus

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