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skull +    
air capillary of parabronchus 
air sac +  
anatomical point connecting sagittal and lambdoidal sutures 
antorbital fenestra 
antorbital notch 
asterion of skull 
blastocele +  
bone fossa +  
bone marrow cavity +  
bronchial tube 
bronchoalveolar duct junction 
cartilage of respiratory system +  
cavity of cardiac chamber +  
cavity of feather follicle 
cavity of feather shaft 
cementocyte lacuna 
cervical cavity 
chordate pharynx +  
coelemic cavity lumen +  
cornual diverticulum 
cranial cavity 
cranial synchondrosis +  
cranium +  
elephant trunk 
endolymphatic space 
endometrial cavity 
externally connecting tube lumen +  
fenestra +  
foramen of skull +  
fornix of vagina +  
gastric pit 
gill +  
hyaloid cavity 
inferior recess of lesser sac 
infraorbital bridge 
infratemporal fossa 
jugal point 
lesser sac cavity +  
lumen of gastrointestinal system +  
maxillary recess 
mediastinum +  
midnasal cavity 
nasal cavity +  
nasal meatus +  
nasal vestibule 
open tracheal system +  
optic recess of third ventricle 
oral cavity 
orbital cavity 
organ cavity +  
orifice of skull +  
oronasal cavity +  
otocyst lumen 
paranasal sinus +  
The paired air-filled cavities surrounded by the bones of the face that are lined by mucous membranes and are continuous with the nasal cavity.
pelvic cavity 
pericardial sinus +  
perilymphatic space 
pineal recess of third ventricle 
piriform sinus 
pituitary fossa 
placenta fetal blood space 
placenta intervillous maternal lacunae 
primary subdivision of skull +  
proamniotic cavity +  
pterygomaxillary fissure 
rectovesical pouch 
resorption pit 
respiration organ +  
respiratory airway +  
respiratory system basal lamina +  
respiratory system blood vessel +  
respiratory system connective tissue +  
respiratory system epithelium +  
respiratory system gland +  
respiratory system lymphatic vessel +  
respiratory system mucosa +  
respiratory system muscle +  
respiratory system reticular lamina +  
respiratory system skeletal muscle +  
respiratory system smooth muscle +  
serous cavity +  
space between upper and lower jaws 
spheno-maxillary fossa 
spheno-petrosal fissure 
spiracle (sensu Vertebrata) 
subhepatic recess +  
sulcus limitans of fourth ventricle 
superior recess of lesser sac 
suprainiac fossa 
sylvian point 
synovial cavity of joint +  
temporal fossa 
tooth socket 
tubotympanic recess lumen 
tympanic cavity 
vena cava sinus 
yolk sac cavity +  

Broad Synonyms: sinus
Related Synonyms: nasal sinus
Xrefs: CALOHA:TS-2082 ;   EHDAA:6489 ;   EMAPA:35662 ;   EV:0100038 ;   FMA:59679 ;   GAID:355 ;   MA:0000431 ;   MESH:D010256 ;   NCI:C12763 ;   SCTID:181203001 ;   UMLS:C0030471 ;   Wikipedia:Paranasal_sinuses
External Ontologys: fma_set_term FMA:76587
Definition Sources: ISBN:0-683-40008-8, MP:0002240

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