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acetabular labrum 
acinus of lacrimal gland 
acinus of lactiferous gland +  
acinus of olfactory gland 
acinus of sebaceous gland +  
actinotrichium +  
adenohypophysis +  
ala of nose 
alar plate midbrain 
ampullary organ 
anal canal +  
anal column 
anal fin basal cartilage 
anterior dentation of pectoral fin spine 
anterior distal serration of pectoral fin spine 
anterior dorsal fin basal cartilage (elasmobranchs) 
anterior ectodermal midgut 
anterior lamina recurvata 
anterior neural keel +  
anterior neural rod +  
anterior presumptive neural plate 
anterior ramus of cleithrum 
anterior segment of eyeball +  
anterior stroma of cornea 
anterior uvea +  
anterolateral process of frontoparietal 
anteroventral process of cleithrum 
apex of cochlea 
aqueous drainage system +  
aqueous vein 
areola +  
areolar tubercle 
arrector pili muscle of vibrissa 
arthropod optic lobe 
ascending process of the parasphenoid 
base of cochlear canal 
basilar membrane of cochlea +  
basilar papilla 
basipterygium cartilage +  
basipterygoid process of parasphenoid 
basis modioli 
blood-cerebrospinal fluid barrier 
blood-inner ear barrier 
bony labyrinth +  
bony part of pharyngotympanic tube 
brain +  
brain blood vessel +  
brain ventricle/choroid plexus +  
buccal fat pad 
bulb of hair follicle +  
bursal cartilage 
calcareous tooth +  
calcified structure of brain +  
camera-type eye +  
canal of Schlemm 
canthus +  
capsule of lens 
cardiac neural crest +  
cartilage of external acoustic meatus 
cartilage of external ear +  
cartilage of pharyngotympanic tube 
cartilage of respiratory system +  
cartilage tissue of sternum +  
cartilaginous external acoustic tube 
cartilaginous vertebral centrum 
cartilago lateralis of aryngo-tracheal chamber 
caudal mesencephalo-cerebellar tract 
cellular cartilage 
central canal of spinal cord +  
central figure of scute 
central nervous system +  
central retina 
cephalopod optic lobe 
cerebellar crest 
cerebral hemisphere +  
cerebral subcortex +  
chamber of eyeball +  
chitin-based cuticle +  
chorioretinal region +  
choroid plexus stroma +  
ciliary body +  
ciliary marginal zone 
ciliary processes 
ciliary stroma 
circuit part of central nervous system +  
cleithrum head 
climbing fiber 
cochlea +  
cochlear basement membrane 
cochlear canal +  
cochlear duct of membranous labyrinth +  
cochlear labyrinth +  
cochlear modiolus +  
collagenous dermal stroma 
columella nasi 
common crus 
common crus of semicircular duct 
conjunctiva +  
conjunctival papilla 
conjunctival sac +  
corneo-scleral junction 
corpora quadrigemina +  
cortex of hair 
costal cartilage +  
courtship gland 
cranial cartilage +  
cranial neural crest +  
crista ampullaris +  
crus commune +  
cultriform process 
cusp of tooth +  
cutaneous elastic tissue +  
cutaneous microfibril 
cuticle of hair 
dartos muscle of labia majora 
dental pulp of median incisor tusk 
dentate gyrus subgranular zone 
dermal condensation of feather follicle +  
dermal papilla +  
dermal pulp of feather shaft 
dermal scale focus 
dermal skeletal element +  
dermal superficial region 
dermis +  
dermis of feather follicle 
diaphragma sellae 
diencephalic part of interventricular foramen 
disk of temporomandibular joint 
distal limb integumentary appendage +  
dorsal bursa +  
dorsal fin basal cartilage (elasmobranchs) 
dorsal part of optic cup 
dorsal zone of medial entorhinal cortex 
dorso-rostral cluster 
dorsolateral septum 
dorsum of nose 
duct of apocrine sweat gland 
duct of eccrine sweat gland 
duct of olfactory gland 
duct of sebaceous gland +  
ductus reuniens +  
dura mater lymph vessel 
ecto-epithelium +  
ectodermal part of digestive tract +  
Eimer's organ 
elastica externa of notochord 
enamel knot 
endochondral bone +  
endolymphatic duct +  
endolymphatic system 
entorhinal cortex +  
epibranchial ganglion +  
epicoracoid +  
epidermal egg tooth 
epidermal intermediate stratum 
epidermal placode 
epidermal ridge of digit 
epidermal scale +  
epidermal superficial stratum 
epidermal-dermal junction +  
epidermis of feather follicle +  
epidermis suprabasal layer 
epioccipital bridge 
epioccipital posterior process 
epiotic +  
epiphysial cluster 
external acoustic meatus +  
external acoustic meatus osseus part 
external cellular layer 
external naris +  
external nose +  
eye muscle +  
eye trabecular meshwork +  
eyeball of camera-type eye +  
eyelid +  
eyelid blood vessel 
eyelid connective tissue +  
eyelid gland +  
falx cerebelli 
falx cerebri 
fasciolar gyrus 
feather +  
feather barb +  
feather barbicel 
feather barbule +  
feather bud, dermal component +  
feather calamus 
feather shaft +  
feather vane 
fibrocartilage +  
filum terminale +  
filum terminale externum 
filum terminale internum 
fin fold pectoral fin bud +  
fin hook +  
flexural organ 
floor plate +  
floor plate of neural tube +  
foramen cecum of frontal bone 
forebrain midbrain boundary neural keel +  
forebrain midbrain boundary neural plate +  
forebrain midbrain boundary neural rod +  
forebrain midbrain boundary neural tube 
forebrain neural keel +  
forebrain neural rod +  
forebrain neural tube 
forebrain-midbrain boundary 
foregut duodenum mesentery 
fourth ventricle aperture +  
fovea centralis +  
foveola of retina 
future hindbrain meninx +  
future piston +  
ganglion of central nervous system +  
gelatinous layer of statoconial membrane 
gigantocellular part of magnocellular preoptic nucleus 
gland of anal canal 
gland of diencephalon +  
gland of nasal mucosa +  
glenoid labrum of scapula 
granular layer corpus cerebelli 
granular layer valvula cerebelli 
growth plate cartilage 
gyrus +  
hair canal 
hair matrix 
hair medulla 
hair root 
hair root sheath +  
hair root sheath matrix 
hair shaft +  
Harderian gland +  
Harderian gland duct 
head taste bud 
Hensen stripe 
hindbrain neural keel +  
hindbrain neural rod +  
hindbrain neural tube 
hindbrain venous system 
hindbrain-spinal cord boundary 
hoof lamina 
hyaline cartilage tissue +  
hyoid articular area 
hypertrophic cartilage zone 
iliac cartilage element +  
immature otolith +  
inferior branch of oculomotor nerve 
inferior horn of the lateral ventricle 
inferior parietal cortex 
inferior rectal artery 
infundibular organ 
infundibulum of hair follicle 
inner ear foramen +  
insect abdominal histoblast anlage +  
insect adult clypeo-labral anlage +  
insect anterior ectoderm derivative +  
insect arista +  
insect Bolwig organ 
insect clypeus 
insect cuticular specialization +  
insect dorsal ectoderm derivative +  
insect dorsal mesothorax +  
insect mesothoracic tergum 
insect presumptive arista +  
insect presumptive prothoracic metatarsus +  
insect proboscis 
insect prothoracic leg +  
insect prothoracic tarsal segment +  
insect protocerebrum +  
insect stomatogastric nervous system 
insect synaptic neuropil +  
insect synaptic neuropil block +  
insect tergite 
insect ventral ectoderm derivative +  
interhaemal spine cartilage 
internal acoustic meatus 
internal cellular layer 
internal ear +  
internal surface of frontal bone 
interneural spine cartilage 
interventricular foramen of CNS +  
intervertebral cartilage +  
iris +  
iris stroma 
ischial cartilage 
ischial cartilage element +  
isthmus of cingulate gyrus 
Kimura membrane 
labyrinthine artery 
lacrimal apparatus +  
lacrimal canaliculus +  
lacrimal drainage system +  
lacrimal gland +  
lacrimal lake 
lacrimal papilla 
lacrimal punctum 
lacrimal sac +  
lamina inferior 
lamina nariochoanalis 
lamina of spiral limbus 
lateral eminence of fourth ventricle 
lateral eminence of hypophysis 
lateral entorhinal cortex 
lateral ethmoid cartilage 
lateral floor plate 
lateral line +  
lateral line ganglion +  
lateral ventricle subependymal layer 
lateral wall neural rod 
lateral zone of hypothalamus +  
layer of dura mater +  
layer of hippocampal field +  
lens cortex 
lens fiber 
lens nucleus 
lens of camera-type eye +  
lens vesicle +  
lepidotrichial segment +  
limb cartilage element +  
limbic system +  
limiting layer of elasmoid scale 
lobe of cerebral hemisphere +  
lobule of mammary gland +  
lunule of nail 
macula +  
macula lutea +  
macula lutea proper 
mammary gland +  
mammary gland alveolus 
mammary gland connective tissue +  
mammary gland smooth muscle 
mammary lobe 
mammillary body +  
mandibular arch neural crest 
margin of eyelid 
margo anterior of cleithrum 
margo posterior of cleithrum 
margo scapularis 
margo vertebralis 
medial entorhinal cortex +  
medial floor plate 
medial zone of hypothalamus +  
median pars intermedia 
medulla oblongata +  
membranous labyrinth +  
meninx +  
mesenchyme of mammary gland +  
mesocoracoid cartilage +  
metotic fissure 
midbrain hindbrain boundary neural keel +  
midbrain hindbrain boundary neural rod +  
midbrain hindbrain boundary neural tube 
midbrain neural keel +  
midbrain neural rod 
midbrain neural tube +  
midbrain-hindbrain boundary +  
midgut duodenum mesentery +  
mineralized cartilage tissue +  
mixed ectoderm/mesoderm/endoderm-derived structure 
molecular layer corpus cerebelli +  
molecular layer valvula cerebelli +  
mossy fiber 
mucocartilage tissue 
mucosa of anal canal 
mucosa of lacrimal canaliculus 
mucosa of nasolacrimal duct +  
muscle layer of anal canal 
nail matrix 
nail plate 
nasal bone +  
nasal bridge 
nasal cartilage +  
One of the cartilage structures in the nose that provide form and support[WP].
nasal cavity mucosa +  
nasal hair 
nasal meatus +  
nasal muscle +  
nasal skeleton +  
nasal tentacle 
naso-frontal vein 
nasolabial region 
nasolacrimal duct +  
neck cartilage +  
neck of tooth 
neural crest +  
neural crest-derived structure +  
neural tube basal plate +  
neural tube lateral wall +  
neuraxis flexure +  
neurectoderm +  
neurogenic field +  
neuromast +  
neuromere +  
neuropore +  
nipple +  
Nobelian rod 
non-mineralized cartilage tissue +  
non-neural ectoderm +  
nose +  
nose anterior margin 
nose epithelium +  
nose vertex 
notochord +  
notochord posterior region 
notochordal canal 
nucleus pulposus 
nuptial pad 
ocular fundus 
ocular surface region +  
olfactory apparatus chamber +  
olfactory pit +  
olivary body +  
opercular part of inferior frontal gyrus 
optic cup +  
optic disc 
optic fissure 
optic pit 
optic vesicle +  
ora serrata of retina 
orbital fat pad 
orbital part of frontal bone 
oronasal membrane 
osseus cochlear canal 
osseus labyrinth vestibule +  
osseus semicircular canal 
osseus spiral lamina 
otic capsule +  
otic opercular element 
otic vesicle protrusion +  
otolith +  
otolith organ +  
otolithic part of statoconial membrane +  
outer root sheath companion layer 
pair of nares 
paired limb/fin cartilage +  
palatine raphe +  
palpebral fissure 
papillary layer of dermis +  
parafoveal part of retina 
parallel fiber 
parapineal organ 
parasagittal crest 
parasphenoid flange 
parenchyma of central nervous system +  
parenchyma of mammary gland 
parietal organ 
pars amphibiorum 
pars basilaris 
pars inferior of labyrinth 
pars intermedia of adenohypophysis 
pars plana of ciliary body 
pars plicata of ciliary body 
pars tuberalis of adenohypophysis 
pectinate line 
pectoral fin fold 
pelvic cartilage 
pelvic intercleithral cartilage 
pelvic radial cartilage +  
perichordal ring 
perichordal tissue +  
perifoveal part of retina 
perilymphatic channel +  
perilymphatic system +  
periocular mesenchyme 
peripheral region of retina 
periventricular zone of hypothalamus +  
permanent cartilage +  
pillar of the semicircular canal +  
pineal foramen 
piston cartilage 
pit organ 
placodal ectoderm 
plica semilunaris of conjunctiva 
pole of lens +  
pontine tegmentum +  
postbranchial lamina 
postcranial axial cartilage +  
posterior cleithral process 
posterior dentation of dorsal fin spine 2 
posterior dentation of pectoral fin spine 
posterior dorsal fin basal cartilage (elasmobranchs) 
posterior lamina recurvata 
posterior lateral line primordium +  
posterior neural keel +  
posterior neural rod +  
posterior presumptive neural plate 
posterior ramus of cleithrum 
posterior segment of eyeball +  
posterior stroma of cornea 
postorbital process 
pre-Botzinger complex 
pre-chordal neural plate +  
prepubic element 
presubiculum +  
primary choana 
primary olfactory fiber layer 
primary vitreous 
primitive superior sagittal sinus +  
prismatic cartilage 
processus posterior of parasphenoid 
procoracoid cartilage +  
procurrent spur 
prootic bone +  
pterygomandibular raphe 
pubic cartilage element +  
puboischiadic bar 
pupillary membrane 
Purkinje cell layer corpus cerebelli 
Purkinje cell layer valvula cerebelli 
radial cartilage +  
ramus anterior of CN VIII 
ramus nasalis medialis 
ramus of feather barb 
ramus of feather barbule 
ramus posterior of CN VIII 
recessus basilaris 
recessus fenestrae ovalis 
regional part of brain +  
regional part of spinal cord +  
Reissner's fiber +  
remnant of Rathke's pouch 
reticular layer of dermis 
reticular membrane of spiral organ 
retina +  
retrochiasmatic area 
rhamphotheca +  
rhombomere boundary 
rib cartilage element +  
ridge of tooth +  
roof plate +  
roof plate of diencephalon 
roof plate of medulla oblongata 
roof plate of metencephalon 
roof plate of midbrain 
roof plate of telencephalon 
roof plate spinal cord region 
root of nail 
saccule duct 
saccus dorsalis 
sacral neural crest 
scale primordium 
scapula cartilage element +  
secondary cartilage tissue 
segmental subdivision of hindbrain +  
semicircular canal +  
semicircular canal ampulla +  
semicircular duct +  
sensory dissociation area 
septal olfactory organ +  
septum pellucidum +  
septum semicircularium anterior 
septum semicircularium laterale 
septum semircularium posterior 
sesamoid cartilage 
skeletal muscle tissue of eye +  
skin appendage follicle +  
skin crease +  
skin gland +  
skin of body +  
smooth muscle of eye +  
spatium sacculare 
spina acromioidea 
spinal cord +  
spinal cord neural keel 
spinal cord neural rod 
spinal cord neural tube 
spiral ligament 
spiral modiolar artery 
spiral organ of cochlea +  
spiral prominence of cochlear duct 
statoconial membrane +  
strand of hair +  
stratum basale of epidermis +  
stratum compactum of dermis +  
stratum fibrosum et griseum superficiale 
stratum granulosum of epidermis 
stratum intermedium of epidermis 
stratum intermedium of tooth 
stratum lucidum of epidermis 
stratum marginale 
stratum opticum 
stratum periventriculare 
stratum spinosum of epidermis 
stria vascularis of cochlear duct +  
stylar shelf +  
subcupular meshwork of statoconial membrane 
subdivision of conjunctiva +  
subdivision of spinal cord central canal +  
submucosa of anal canal 
subolfactory process 
subotic alae 
substantia nigra pars compacta 
substantia nigra pars reticulata 
sulcus limitans of neural tube +  
sulcus ypsiloniformis 
supcapsular region of anterior region of lens 
supcapsular region of posterior region of lens 
superior branch of oculomotor nerve 
superior parietal cortex 
supraorbital flange 
suspensory ligament of breast 
suspensory ligament of lens 
tapetum lucidum of camera-type eye +  
tectorial membrane of cochlea +  
tectorial restraint system 
tela choroidea of fourth ventricle 
tela choroidea of midbrain cerebral aqueduct 
tela choroidea of telencephalic ventricle 
tela choroidea of third ventricle 
telencephalic part of interventricular foramen 
telencephalon diencephalon boundary 
temporalis fascia 
tentorium cerebelli 
terminal part of the cochlear canal 
tooth crown +  
tooth enamel organ +  
tooth root +  
transient cartilaginous element 
triangular part of inferior frontal gyrus 
trunk neural crest +  
trunk taste bud 
tunica fibrosa of eyeball +  
type 1 odontode 
upper eyelid protuberances 
urohyal lateral process 
urohyal median process 
utricle duct 
utricle valve 
utriculosaccular duct +  
uvea +  
vacuolated notochordal tissue 
vagal neural crest +  
vallecula of cerebellum 
vein of vestibular aqueduct 
venous dural sinus +  
venous system of brain 
ventral limb of posttemporal 
ventral marginal cartilage 
ventral part of optic cup +  
ventral sulcus 
ventricular system of brain +  
ventricular system of central nervous system +  
Verson's gland 
vertebra cartilage element +  
vestibular aqueduct 
vestibular fissure of the cochlear canal 
vestibular labyrinth +  
vestibular membrane of cochlear duct 
vitreous body +  
vomeronasal organ +  
wall of anal canal 
wall of central canal of spinal cord 
wall of eyeball 
wall of lacrimal duct 
wall of membranous labyrinth 
wall of ventricular system of brain +  
Y-shaped fibrocartilage skeleton of ventral pouch +  
ypsiloid cartilage 
zona limitans intrathalamica 
zone of basilar membrane of cochlea +  
zone of epiphyseal plate +  
zone of skin +  
zygomatic process of frontal bone 

Exact Synonyms: cartilage of nose
Xrefs: CALOHA:TS-0655 ;   EMAPA:37681 ;   FMA:59502 ;   MA:0001883 ;   NCIT:C49593 ;   SCTID:278941001 ;   UMLS:C0225415 ;   Wikipedia:Nasal_cartilage
Definition Sources: Wikipedia:Nasal_cartilage

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