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paranasal sinus +    
ethmoid sinus 
frontal sinus +  
infraorbital sinus 
maxillary sinus 
sella turcica +  
sphenoidal sinus 
One of the paired paranasal sinuses, located in the body of the sphenoid bone and communicating with the highest meatus of the nasal cavity on the same side[MESH]. The sphenoidal sinuses (or sphenoid) contained within the body of the sphenoid vary in size and shape; owing to the lateral displacement of the intervening septum they are rarely symmetrical. The following are their average measurements: vertical height, 2.2 cm. ; transverse breadth, 2 cm. ; antero-posterior depth, 2.2 cm. [WP,unvetted].

Exact Synonyms: sphenoid sinus
Related Synonyms: sinus sphenoidalis
Xrefs: FMA:54683 ;   GAID:359 ;   MA:0001795 ;   MESH:D013101 ;   NCI:C12278 ;   SCTID:181207000 ;   UMLS:C0037885 ;   Wikipedia:Sphenoidal_sinus
Definition Sources: MESH:A04.531.621.827, Wikipedia:Sphenoidal_sinus

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