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accessory vomerine tooth plate 
acoustico-facial VII-VIII ganglion complex +  
actinopterygian frontal bone 
actinopterygian parietal bone +  
adrenal cortex +  
adrenal gland capsule 
adrenal gland cortex zone +  
adrenal medulla +  
adrenal tissue +  
adrenal/interrenal gland +  
alary process of premaxilla 
alisphenoid bone 
alveolar ridge +  
angular bone 
angular/surangular bone 
angulosplenial +  
angulosplenial coronoid process +  
anterior cartilage of palatine 
anterior dorsomedial process of autopalatine 
anterior limiting lamina of cornea 
anterior nasal spine of maxilla 
anterior process of malleus 
anterior process of pars palatina of maxilla 
anterior process of vomer 
anterior quadratocranial commissure +  
anterior ramus of pterygoid 
anterior root of zygomatic arch 
anterior stroma of cornea 
anterior ventrolateral plate 
anterolateral plate 
anteroventral plate 
antorbital process 
antotic pillar 
aortic valve anulus 
aortico-pulmonary spiral septum 
arachnoid barrier layer 
arachnoid trabecula 
arachnoid villus 
articular process of palatoquadrate 
ascending process of palatoquadrate 
atrioventricular septum 
auditory bulla +  
auditory ossicle endochondral element +  
basal process of palatoquadrate 
basioccipital bone +  
basioccipital posterodorsal region 
basiotic bone 
basisphenoid bone 
blood vessel layer of choroid +  
body of mandible 
body of sphenoid +  
bony otic capsule 
bony part of hard palate 
bony plate +  
branchial basket 
branchiostegal ray +  
branchiostegal ray series +  
Bruch's membrane 
canal plate 
capillary layer of choroid 
cardiac valve +  
cardiac valve leaflet +  
carotid canal 
caudal-fin stay 
central retinal vein 
chorda tendineae +  
choroid tapetum lucidum +  
choroidal blood vessel 
chromaffin system +  
cingulum of lower canine tooth 
cingulum of upper canine tooth 
cleithrum +  
cochlear ganglion 
conjunctival vein 
cornea +  
corneal blood vessel 
corneal endothelium 
corneal epithelium 
corneal primordium +  
corneal stroma collagen fibril 
coronal suture 
coronoid bone +  
corpus +  
cranial temporal crest 
craniopharyngeal canal 
cribriform plate 
crista contacta 
crista dentalis of maxilla 
crista dentalis of premaxilla 
crista interna 
crista lateralis of premaxilla 
crista praeopercularis 
crista vomeri 
cusp of cardiac valve +  
dental follicle +  
dental pulp +  
dentary +  
dentary foramen 
dentigerous process 
dento-alveolar joint 
dermal element of plastron +  
dermis connective tissue +  
Descemet's membrane 
dilatatio alaris 
distal part of styloid process of temporal bone 
dorsal cleithrum 
dorsal root ganglion +  
early premaxilla +  
ectocoracoid bone 
enteric nerve +  
enteric nervous system +  
enteric plexus +  
entopterygoid +  
entopterygoid vertical strut 
epiotic +  
epithelium of hard palate 
epithelium of soft palate 
ethmo-palatine cartilage 
ethmoid bone +  
ethmoid foramen 
ethmoidal process of inferior nasal concha 
ethomosphenoid region 
exoccipital bone +  
exoccipital posteroventral region 
extra-ocular muscle +  
extrascapula +  
extratemporal bone 
eyelid connective tissue +  
eyelid tarsus +  
facial bone +  
facial nerve canal 
facial neural crest 
facial skeleton +  
fish scute +  
flange of quadratojugal 
footplate of pars media plectri 
foramen of nasal bone 
foramen rotundum 
foramen spinosum of sphenoid bone 
frontal process of maxilla 
frontal process of zygomatic bone 
fronto-ethmoidal shield +  
frontoparietal bone +  
fulcrum +  
furcula +  
geniculate ganglion 
gill raker 
gonial bone 
greater palatine foramen 
gular plate 
Haller's layer 
hard palate +  
hyaloid canal 
hyaloid vessel +  
hyoid bone lesser horn 
incisive canal +  
incisive process of premaxilla 
incisor process 
inferior part of vestibular ganglion 
inferior tarsal muscle 
inferior vagus X ganglion 
infra-orbital canal of maxilla 
infra-orbital foramen of maxilla 
infraorbital +  
infraorbital margin 
infraorbital series +  
infrarostral cartilage +  
interclavicle +  
interdental plate 
interincisive suture 
interolateral plate 
interparietal bone 
intertemporal bone 
interventricular foramen intermedium 
interventricular septum membranous part 
intramembranous bone tissue 
intramembranous scleral ossicle +  
intraramal joint 
iris blood vessel 
jaw skeleton +  
jugal bone +  
jugular foramen 
kinethmoid bone 
labial cartilage 
lacrimal bone 
lambdoid suture 
lamella alaris +  
lamina anterior of maxilla 
lamina anterior of pars facialis 
lateral condyle of quadrate 
lateral ethmoid bone +  
lateral process of malleus 
layer of sclera +  
lenticular process of incus bone 
lepidotrichium +  
leptomeninx +  
lesser palatine foramen 
lower jaw incisor epithelium 
lower jaw molar epithelium 
malleus head 
malleus neck 
malleus processus brevis 
mandible +  
mandible angular process 
mandible condylar process +  
mandible coronoid process 
mandible head 
mandible neck 
mandible temporal crest 
mandibular canal 
mandibular ramus +  
mandibular symphyseal region +  
manubrium of malleus 
margo choanalis 
margo libera 
margo mandibularis of pterygoid +  
margo orbitalis of maxilla 
margo orbitalis of pterygoid 
margo orbitalis of squamosal 
margo tympanicus of pterygoid 
masseteric fossa 
mastoid process of temporal bone +  
maxilla +  
maxilla ascending process 
maxillary process of inferior nasal concha 
maxillary shank 
maxillomandibular part of trigeminal ganglion complex 
maxillopalatine +  
Meckel's cartilage +  
meckelian foramen 
medial cartilage of palatine 
medial condyle of quadrate 
medial palpebral ligament 
medial ramus of pterygoid +  
median dorsal plate 
median premaxilla 
mental foramen 
Merkel nerve ending 
mesenchyme derived from neural crest +  
mesethmoid bone +  
metoptic pillar 
mitral valve anulus 
mucosa of palate +  
nasal bone +  
nasal process of premaxilla 
nasal skeleton +  
nuchal plate +  
occipital bone +  
odontoid tissue +  
optic foramen +  
orbit of skull +  
orbital fissure +  
orbital margin +  
orbital septum 
orbitosphenoid +  
orbitosphenoid septum 
oropharyngeal choana 
otic ligament 
otic notch 
otic plate of pterygoid 
otic process 
otic ramus of squamosal 
palatal muscle +  
palatal part of dermatocranium +  
palatal taste bud 
palate bone +  
palatine aponeurosis 
palatine bone horizontal plate 
palatine cartilage +  
palatine process of maxilla +  
palatine process of premaxilla 
palatine process of the pars facialis of the maxilla 
palatine prong 
palatine raphe +  
palatine torus 
palatine uvula +  
palatomaxillary suture 
palatoquadrate arch +  
palatoquadrate articular process 
palatoquadrate cartilage +  
paraganglion (generic) +  
parasphenoid +  
parasympathetic ganglion +  
pars articularis of mandibular arch 
pars externa plectri +  
pars facialis of maxilla +  
pars facialis of maxillopalatine 
pars glenoidalis of quadratojugal 
pars interna plectri 
pars jugalis 
pars media plectri +  
pectoral axillary process 
pelvic axillary process 
pelvic splint 
periodontal ligament 
perpendicular plate of ethmoid 
petrous part of temporal bone +  
pharyngeal tooth plate +  
postchoanal process 
postcleithrum +  
posterior cartilage of palatine 
posterior condyle 
posterior dorsolateral plate 
posterior fascicle of palatopharyngeus 
posterior mental process 
posterior ramus of pterygoid 
posterior stroma of cornea 
posterior ventrolateral plate 
posterolateral vomerine process 
postfrontal bone 
postorbital bar 
postorbital bone 
postsphenoidal bone 
posttemporal +  
pre-narial cartilage 
prearticular bone +  
prearticular coronoid process 
prechoanal process 
preethmoid bone 
prefrontal bone 
premaxilla +  
premaxilla articular process 
premaxilla ascending process 
premaxilla dentigerous process 
premaxilla maxillary process 
prenasal (amphibians) 
prenasal ossicle 
preopercle +  
preopercle horizontal limb 
preopercle vertical limb 
preoptic pillar 
preorbital process of the pars facialis of the maxilla 
presphenoid bone 
primary palate +  
primary palate epithelium 
processus ascendens plectri 
processus descendens of sphenoid 
processus dorsalis of lamella alaris 
processus frontalis of maxilla 
processus infrafenestralis +  
processus internus of pseudoangular 
processus lingualis of pterygoid 
processus posterior of maxilla 
processus posterodorsalis of lamella alaris 
processus suprafenestralis 
processus triangularis of palatoquadrate cartilage 
processus zygomatico-maxillaris 
profundal part of trigeminal ganglion complex 
prootic bone +  
pseudobasal process 
pterygoid bone +  
pterygoid process of palatoquadrate 
pterygoquadrate cartilage 
pulmonary valve anulus 
quadrate condyle 
quadrate dorsal process 
quadrate posterodorsal process 
quadrate process of palatoquadrate 
quadrate ventral process 
quadratoethmoid process 
quadratojugal bone +  
Reichert's cartilage +  
remnant of cardiac valve 
retina blood vessel +  
retroarticular process 
rostral margin of orbit 
rostral plate 
rostral process 
sagittal crest of skull 
sagittal keel 
sagittal suture 
Sattler's layer 
sclera +  
scleral lamina cribrosa 
second preethmoid bone 
secondary palatal shelf +  
secondary palatal shelf epithelium 
secondary palate +  
segmental spinal nerve +  
sella turcica +  
sensory canal tubular ossicle 
sensory root of facial nerve 
sensory root of trigeminal nerve 
septomaxilla bone +  
short ciliary nerve 
simian shelf 
skeletal element of eye region +  
skeletal muscle tissue of levator palpebrae superioris 
skeletal muscle tissue of trapezius 
skeleton of lower jaw +  
skeleton of upper jaw +  
soft palate +  
sphenoid bone pterygoid process +  
sphenoid endochondral element +  
sphenotic +  
spinal plate 
splenial bone 
squamous part of temporal bone +  
A bone which is fused with the temporal bone in many mammals and forms part of the cheek region articulating with quadrate and pterygoid in other vertebrates.
squamous part of temporal bone primordium +  
stapes base 
stratum argenteum of choroid 
stroma of thyroid gland 
stylohyoid ligament 
styloid process of temporal bone +  
stylus of pars media plectri 
submandibular bone 
suboccular arch 
suborbital stay 
substantia propria of cornea +  
superior part of vestibular ganglion 
superior tarsal muscle 
suprachoroid lamina 
supracleithrum +  
suprameatal foramen 
supraoccipital bone +  
supraorbital bone +  
supraorbital ridge 
suprarostral ala 
suprarostral cartilage +  
supratemporal bone 
surangular bone +  
suture of hard palate +  
sympathetic ganglion +  
tabular bone 
tarsal gland +  
tarsal gland acinus 
temporal fenestra +  
temporal process of zygomatic bone 
terminal nerve 
tetrapod frontal bone +  
tetrapod parietal bone +  
tooth of lower jaw +  
tooth of upper jaw +  
transverse palatine fold 
transverse palatine suture 
trapezius muscle +  
tricuspid valve anulus 
trigeminal ganglion +  
trunk of segmental spinal nerve 
tuberculum sellae 
turbinate bone +  
tympanic plate +  
tympanic ring +  
type 1 odontode 
uncinate process of ethmoid 
upper jaw incisor epithelium 
upper jaw molar epithelium 
urodermal bone 
urohyal +  
velar vocal fold 
ventral cleithrum 
ventral ramus of squamosal 
ventricular septum intermedium +  
vestibular ganglion +  
vestibulocochlear ganglion +  
vidian canal 
vomerine canal 
wall of orbit 
Westoll line 
zygomatic arch +  
zygomatic plate 
zygomatic process of temporal bone +  
zygomatic ramus of squamosal 

Exact Synonyms: os squamosum ;   pars squamosa (os temporale) ;   pars squamosa ossis temporalis ;   squamosal ;   squamosal bone ;   squamosum ;   squamous bone ;   temporal bone squamous part
Related Synonyms: squama ;   squama temporalis
Xrefs: AAO:0000574 ;   EMAPA:18021 ;   FMA:52883 ;   MA:0001473 ;   SCTID:138672006 ;   VHOG:0001561 ;   Wikipedia:Squamosal_bone
Definition Sources:, MP:0004423, Wikipedia:Squama_temporalis, Wikipedia:Squamosal_bone

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