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petrous part of temporal bone (UBERON:0001694)
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basicranium +    
temporal bone +    
acetabular part of hip bone +  
acetabular rim +  
agger limitans anterior of ilium 
alveolar ridge +  
angle of scapula +  
annular epiphysis +  
anterior part of tympanic bone 
anterior root of zygomatic arch 
anteroventral process of cleithrum 
antler pedicle 
apex of cochlea 
astragalus head 
base of arytenoid 
base of cochlear canal 
basioccipital endochondral element +  
basis modioli 
body of ilium +  
body of mandible 
body of rib +  
body of sphenoid +  
bony part of vertebral arch +  
calcaneal body 
calcaneal tuber 
caniniform region 
capitulum of radio-ulna 
carotid canal 
central part of body of bony vertebral centrum 
clavicular facet 
cleithrum head 
clivus of occipital bone 
cochlear canal +  
cochlear modiolus +  
condyle +  
coracoid plate 
coracoid process of calcaneus 
coracoid process of scapula +  
cotyloid notch 
cribriform plate 
distal part of styloid process of temporal bone 
distal segment of rib 
epicondyle +  
epioccipital bridge 
ethmoid bone +  
ethmoid bone primordium +  
ethmoid cartilage +  
external occipital protuberance 
facial nerve canal 
frontal process of zygomatic bone 
glabella region of bone 
glenoid head of coracoid 
glenoid region 
head of rib +  
iliac blade +  
iliac crest +  
iliac fossa 
iliac neck 
infraorbital bridge 
infraorbital margin 
interdental plate 
interilial region 
internal surface of cranial base 
internal surface of frontal bone 
interpterygoid region 
ischial foot 
ischial ramus +  
ischiopubic ramus 
jugal bar 
jugular foramen 
lamina terminalis of ischium 
lepidotrichial segment +  
malleus head 
mandible head 
mandibular ramus +  
mandibular symphyseal region +  
manubrium of malleus 
masseteric fossa 
mastoid process of temporal bone 
maxillary shank 
medial blade of ilium 
neck of bone element +  
occipital arch 
occipital bun 
occipital condyle 
occipital segment 
orbital margin +  
orbital part of frontal bone 
orbital pillar +  
orbitosphenoid endochondral element +  
osseus semicircular canal 
osseus spiral lamina 
ossification center +  
otic notch 
palatine bone horizontal plate 
palatine torus 
parietal notch 
pars endotympanica 
pelvic girdle bone/zone +  
perpendicular plate of ethmoid 
petrous part of temporal bone +  
The petrous portion of the temporal bone or pyramid is pyramidal and is wedged in at the base of the skull between the sphenoid and occipital bones. Directed medially, forward, and a little upward, it presents for examination a base, an apex, three surfaces, and three angles, and contains, in its interior, the essential parts of the organ of hearing. The petrous portion is among the most basal elements of the skull and forms part of the endocranium.[WP,unvetted].
postacetabular zone 
postbranchial lamina 
posterior condyle 
posterior lamina recurvata 
posterior ramus of pterygoid 
postorbital bar 
postorbital process 
preacetabular expansion 
promontory of tympanic cavity 
proximal segment of rib +  
pubic boot 
pubic ramus +  
pubis-ischium contact 
puboischiadic plate 
rostral margin of orbit 
sagittal crest of skull 
sagittal keel 
scapula spine 
scapular blade 
sella turcica +  
simian shelf 
squamous part of occipital bone +  
squamous part of temporal bone +  
stapes base 
sternal head of coracoid 
sternal keel 
styloid process of temporal bone +  
subolfactory process 
supraglenoid region 
suprameatal foramen 
supraorbital ridge 
tegmen tympani 
temporal fenestra +  
terminal part of the cochlear canal 
turbinate bone +  
tympanic plate +  
uncinate process of ribs 
ventral limb of posttemporal 
vertebral endplate 
vestibular fissure of the cochlear canal 
zone of hyoid bone +  
zone of long bone +  
zygomatic process of frontal bone 
zygomatic process of temporal bone +  

Exact Synonyms: pars petrosa (os temporale) ;   pars petrosa ossis temporalis ;   petromastoid part of temporal bone ;   temporal bone petrous part
Broad Synonyms: petrosal
Related Synonyms: petrosal bone ;   petrous bone
Xrefs: EHDAA2:0001452 ;   EMAPA:17683 ;   FMA:52871 ;   GAID:234 ;   MA:0001477 ;   MESH:D010579 ;   NCIT:C32316 ;   SCTID:361733004 ;   UMLS:C1261761 ;   VHOG:0001553 ;   Wikipedia:Petrous_part_of_the_temporal_bone
Definition Sources: Wikipedia:Petrous_part_of_the_temporal_bone

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