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lymphatic vessel (UBERON:0001473)
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blood vessel +  
caudal fin lymph vessel 
circulatory system dorsal vessel +  
coronary vessel 
cranial lymph vasculature +  
dorsal longitudinal lymphatic vessel 
embryonic lymph sac +  
intersegmental lymph vessel 
jugular lymph sac +  
longitudinal lateral lymphatic vessel 
lymph vasculature +  
lymphatic capillary +  
lymphatic vessel +  
A vessel that contains or conveys lymph, that originates as an interfibrillar or intercellular cleft or space in a tissue or organ, and that if small has no distinct walls or walls composed only of endothelial cells and if large resembles a vein in structure[BTO].
microcirculatory vessel +  
peristaltic circulatory vessel 
pulmonary part of lymphatic system +  

Exact Synonyms: lymph vessel
Related Synonyms: vas lymphaticum
Xrefs: AAO:0011005 ;   BTO:0000752 ;   CALOHA:TS-2102 ;   EFO:0000873 ;   EMAPA:35532 ;   FMA:30315 ;   Lymphatic:vessel ;   MA:0000138 ;   MAT:0000443 ;   NCIT:C33038 ;   OpenCyc:Mx4rwA1fYZwpEbGdrcN5Y29ycA ;   TAO:0005105 ;   UMLS:C0229889 ;   VHOG:0001249 ;   XAO:0000375 ; ;
External Ontologys: n/a NCBITaxon:8342
Definition Sources: BTO:0000752,

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