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abdomen +  
abdominal segment of trunk +  
chest +  
Subdivision of trunk proper, which is demarcated from the neck by the plane of the superior thoracic aperture and from the abdomen internally by the inferior surface of the diaphragm and externally by the costal margin and associated with the thoracic vertebral column and ribcage and from the back of the thorax by the external surface of the posterolateral part of the rib cage, the anterior surface of the thoracic vertebral column and the posterior axillary lines; together with the abdomen and the perineum, it constitutes the trunk proper[FMA].
dorsal thoracic segment of trunk +  
dorsal trunk +  
hypogastrium +  
lower back +  
musculature of thorax +  
nerve of thoracic segment +  
pericardial region 
perineum +  
precordial region 
skin of thorax +  
thoracic aorta +  
thoracic segment blood vessel +  
thoracic segment connective tissue +  
thoracic segment of trunk +  
thoracic segment organ +  
thoracic skeleton +  
thoracic sympathetic nerve trunk +  
thoracic wall 
ventral trunk 

Exact Synonyms: anterolateral part of thorax ;   front of thorax ;   pectus ;   ventral part of thoracic region
Related Synonyms: thoracic body wall ;   thorax
Xrefs: BTO:0001368 ;   CALOHA:TS-1039 ;   EFO:0000965 ;   EMAPA:37232 ;   EV:0100010 ;   FMA:9576 ;   GAID:91 ;   MA:0000031 ;   MAT:0000295 ;   MESH:D013909 ;   MIAA:0000295 ;   NCI:C12799 ;   NCI:C25389 ;   UMLS:C0817096 ;   UMLS:C1527391 ;   Wikipedia:Chest ;   galen:Chest ;   galen:Thorax
Cyclic Relationships: mutually_spatially_disjoint_with mutually_spatially_disjoint_with UBERON:0000916
Definition Sources: FMA:9576, Wikipedia:Chest

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