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prepuce of penis (UBERON:0001332)
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penis +    
prepuce +    
common penile artery +  
corpus cavernosum penis +  
corpus spongiosum of penis 
crus of penis 
deep artery of penis 
deep dorsal vein of penis 
dorsal artery of penis 
dorsal nerve of penis 
dorsal surface of penis 
glans penis +  
helicine artery of penis 
os penis 
penile bulb artery 
penile spine 
penis epithelium +  
prepuce of clitoris +  
prepuce of penis +  
A retractable double-layered fold of skin and mucous membrane that covers the glans penis and protects the urinary meatus when the penis is not erect.
preputial space +  
preputial space of male 
raphe of penis 
skin of penis +  
spongiose part of urethra +  
ventral surface of penis 

Exact Synonyms: penile prepuce ;   prepuce of male ;   preputium penis
Broad Synonyms: prepuce ;   preputium
Related Synonyms: foreskin ;   praeputium ;   prepucium
Xrefs: BTO:0001113 ;   CALOHA:TS-0383 ;   EFO:0001664 ;   EMAPA:18989 ;   EV:0100109 ;   FMA:19639 ;   MA:0000407 ;   NCIT:C33049 ;   OpenCyc:Mx4rvVjlTZwpEbGdrcN5Y29ycA ;   UMLS:C0227952 ; ; ;
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