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duodenum +    
exocrine system +    
mucous gland +    
anterior lingual gland +  
bronchus submucosal gland 
buccal gland 
bulbo-urethral gland +  
cardiac gastric gland 
crypt of Lieberkuhn of duodenum 
duodenal ampulla 
duodenal epithelium +  
duodenal gland 
A compound tubular submucosal gland found in that portion of the duodenum which is above the hepatopancreatic sphincter (Sphincter of Oddi). The main function of these glands is to produce a mucus-rich alkaline secretion (containing bicarbonate)[WP].
duodenal mucosa +  
duodenum lamina propria 
endometrial gland +  
exocrine gland +  
exocrine pancreas +  
femoral gland +  
foregut region of duodenum +  
fundic gastric gland +  
gland of nasal mucosa +  
Harderian gland +  
hemipenial mucuous gland 
hepatopancreas +  
intestinal villus of duodenum +  
lacrimal gland +  
larynx mucous gland 
liver +  
lumen of duodenum 
major vestibular gland +  
mesentery of duodenum +  
midgut region of duodenum +  
mucous acinus 
mucous gland of lung 
muscle layer of duodenum 
muscularis mucosae of duodenum 
palatine gland 
pancreatic epithelial bud +  
periampullary region of duodenum 
pyloric gastric gland 
rectal salt gland 
saliva-secreting gland +  
sebaceous gland +  
serosa of duodenum +  
skin mucous gland 
submucosa of duodenum 
submucosal esophageal gland 
submucosal gland +  
trachea gland 
urethral gland +  

Exact Synonyms: Brunner's gland ;   gland of Brunner ;   submucosal gland of duodenum
Related Synonyms: glandula duodenales ;   glandula duodenales Brunneri
Xrefs: BTO:0002376 ;   Brunner's:glands ;   EMAPA:36522 ;   FMA:15060 ;   GAID:314 ;   MA:0001551 ;   MESH:A03.492.411.620.270.322 ;   NCIT:C13010 ;   UMLS:C0006323 ; ;
Definition Sources:'s_glands

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