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areolar connective tissue 
cecal tonsil 
crypt of Lieberkuhn +  
gall bladder lamina propria 
gastrointestinal system lamina propria +  
intestinal epithelium +  
intestinal gland +  
lamina propria of esophagus 
lamina propria of ureter 
lamina propria of urethra +  
lamina propria of urinary bladder +  
lamina propria of vagina 
mucosa of large intestine +  
mucosa of small intestine +  
muscularis mucosae of intestine +  
nasal-associated lymphoid tissue +  
olfactory gland +  
oral lamina propria +  
Peyer's patch +  
The protruding lymphoid tissue located on the mucosa of the intestine that is composed of densely packed B cell follicles.
respiratory system lamina propria +  
tonsil +  
tonsillar ring +  

Exact Synonyms: noduli lymphoidei aggregati
Related Synonyms: Peyers gland ;   Peyers patch ;   aggregated lymphoid follicle of intestine ;   aggregated lymphoid nodule
Xrefs: BTO:0001784 ;   CALOHA:TS-0780 ;   EFO:0001381 ;   EMAPA:19028 ;   GAID:950 ;   MA:0000137 ;   MESH:A10.549.598 ;   NCIT:C12771 ;   Peyer's:patch ;   UMLS:C0031272 ;
External Ontologys: n/a NCBITaxon:8459
Definition Sources:,, MESH:A10.549.600, MP:0000696

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