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muscularis mucosae of stomach (UBERON:0001203)
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epithelium of stomach +  
esophagogastric junction muscularis mucosa 
esophagus muscularis mucosa +  
gastric pit 
gizzard smooth muscle 
mucosa of body of stomach 
mucosa of cardia of stomach +  
mucosa of fundus of stomach +  
mucosa of gastroduodenal junction 
mucosa of pylorus +  
muscularis mucosae of intestine +  
muscularis mucosae of stomach +  
The thin layer of smooth muscle in the mucosal layer of the stomach that functions to agitate the surface area stomach mucosa by moving the villi back and forth.
rugal fold of stomach 
stomach glandular region mucosa +  
stomach muscularis externa +  
urinary bladder muscularis mucosa +  

Exact Synonyms: gastric muscularis mucosa ;   lamina muscularis mucosae (tunica mucosa)(gaster) ;   lamina muscularis mucosae gastricae ;   lamina muscularis of gastric mucosa ;   muscular coat of stomach ;   stomach muscularis mucosa ;   tunica muscularis gastricae
Xrefs: EMAPA:35818 ;   FMA:14924 ;   MA:0002684 ;   NCIT:C32658 ;   SCTID:64551004 ;   UMLS:C0227200
Definition Sources: MGI:csmith, MP:0010806

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