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gut wall +    
stomach +    
equine glandular stomach 
forestomach-glandular stomach junction 
gastroduodenal junction +  
gizzard +  
lateral wall of nasopharynx 
lateral wall of oropharynx 
mesentery of stomach +  
posterior wall of laryngopharynx 
posterior wall of nasopharynx 
posterior wall of oropharynx 
roof of nasopharynx 
ruminant stomach +  
wall of esophagus +  
wall of intestine +  
wall of stomach +  
The layered structure that makes up the stomach, typiclly consists of a serous coat, a muscular coat, a mucous membrane, and other tissue layers in between.
zone of stomach +  

Exact Synonyms: anatomical wall of stomach ;   anatomical wall of ventriculus ;   gastric wall ;   stomach anatomical wall ;   stomach wall ;   ventriculus anatomical wall ;   ventriculus wall ;   wall of ventriculus
Xrefs: EMAPA:35826 ;   FMA:14582 ;   MA:0002692 ;   SCTID:279995000 ;   galen:WallOfStomach
Definition Sources: MGI:csmith, MP:0010783

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