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lesser curvature of stomach (UBERON:0001163)
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zone of stomach +    
body of stomach +  
cardia of stomach +  
fundus of stomach +  
greater curvature of stomach 
lesser curvature of stomach 
The lesser curvature of the stomach, extending between the cardiac and pyloric orifices, forms the right or posterior border of the stomach. It descends as a continuation of the right margin of the esophagus in front of the fibers of the right crus of the diaphragm, and then, turning to the right, it crosses the first lumbar vertebra and ends at the pylorus. Nearer its pyloric than its cardiac end is a well-marked notch, the incisura angularis, which varies somewhat in position with the state of distension of the viscus; it serves to separate the stomach into a right and a left portion. The lesser curvature gives attachment to the two layers of the hepatogastric ligament, and between these two layers are the left gastric artery and the right gastric branch of the hepatic artery. [WP,unvetted].
lesser omentum +  
pyloric antrum +  
pyloric canal 
pylorus +  
stomach glandular region +  
stomach non-glandular region +  

Exact Synonyms: stomach lesser curvature
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Definition Sources: Wikipedia:Lesser_curvature_of_stomach

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