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ascending colon +  
descending colon +  
The portion of the colon between the left colic flexure and the sigmoid colon at the pelvic brim; the portion of the descending colon lying in the left iliac fossa is sometimes called the iliac colon.
descending sigmoid junction 
epithelium of hindgut +  
left colon 
lower digestive tract +  
lumen of hindgut 
mesenchyme of hindgut 
mesentery of hindgut 
sigmoid colon +  
spiral colon 
terminal part of digestive tract +  
transverse colon +  

Exact Synonyms: colon descendens
Xrefs: BTO:0000641 ;   CALOHA:TS-2010 ;   EFO:0000845 ;   EMAPA:35285 ;   FMA:14547 ;   MA:0001542 ;   MAT:0000313 ;   MESH:D044683 ;   MIAA:0000313 ;   NCI:C12268 ;   SCTID:362165006 ;   UMLS:C0227389 ;   Wikipedia:Descending_colon ;   galen:DescendingColon
External Ontologys: present_in_taxon NCBITaxon:9606
Definition Sources: BTO:0000641

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