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anatomical point +  
anatomical space +  
anterior sector of right lobe of liver 
bare area of liver 
A large triangular surface of the liver devoid of peritoneal covering.
bona-fide anatomical boundary +  
caudate lobe of liver +  
clivus of fovea centralis 
hepatic sinusoid of right of lobe of liver +  
liver right lobe parenchyma +  
non-material anatomical boundary +  
posterior sector of right lobe of liver 
quadrate lobe of liver +  
right hepatic artery +  
right hepatic vein 
surface groove +  

Exact Synonyms: area nuda (hepar) ;   area nuda hepatis ;   liver bare area
Related Synonyms: area nuda ;   bare area ;   hepatic bare area
Xrefs: EMAPA:17945 ;   FMA:14480 ;   MA:0000359 ;   SCTID:279965008 ;   Wikipedia:Bare_area_of_the_liver
Definition Sources: Wikipedia:Bare_area_of_the_liver

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