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mesoderm +    
serous membrane +    
adrenal cortex +  
axial mesoderm +  
cardiopharyngeal field +  
circulatory system dorsal vessel +  
dorsal fin actinotrichium 
endothelium +  
future coelemic cavity lumen +  
gall bladder serosa 
gastrointestinal system serosa +  
glomerular parietal epithelium 
head mesenchyme from mesoderm +  
hypodermis +  
insect trunk mesoderm +  
intermediate mesoderm +  
lateral plate mesoderm +  
layer of synovial tissue +  
liver serosa 
mesentery +  
meso-epithelium +  
mesoderm blood island 
mesoderm-derived structure +  
mesothelium +  
Simple squamous epithelium of mesodermal origin which lines serous membranes. Examples: mesothelium of pleura, mesothelium of peritoneum[FMA]. Wikipedia: The mesothelium is a membrane that forms the lining of several body cavities: the pleura (thoracal cavity), peritoneum (abdominal cavity including the mesentery) and pericardium (heart sac). Mesothelial tissue also surrounds the male internal reproductive organs (the tunica vaginalis testis) and covers the internal reproductive organs of women (the tunica serosa uteri).
mixed ectoderm/mesoderm/endoderm-derived structure 
mixed endoderm/mesoderm-derived structure +  
muscle tissue +  
mylohyoid muscle +  
parietal serous membrane +  
periderm +  
peritoneum +  
pharyngeal mesoderm 
pleura +  
posterior lateral plate mesoderm 
presumptive axochord +  
presumptive cephalic mesoderm 
pronephric glomerular capsule epithelium 
pronephric mesoderm +  
pulmonary alveolus epithelium +  
right atrium endocardium +  
serosa of cloaca 
serosa of esophagus +  
serosa of infundibulum of uterine tube 
serosa of urinary bladder 
serosa of uterine tube 
serosa of uterus +  
serous membrane +  
serous pericardium +  
stomach squamous epithelium 
tracheoesophageal fold +  
ventral mesoderm +  
visceral serous membrane +  
wall of synovial tendon sheath 

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