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muscle tissue +    
chondroglossus muscle 
cutaneous muscle +  
endomysium +  
facial modiolus 
interventricular septum muscular part +  
muscle tissue of prostate +  
muscle tissue of terminal part of digestive tract +  
smooth muscle tissue +  
Muscle tissue which is unstriated, composed primarily of smooth muscle fibers surrounded by a reticulum of collagen and elastic fibers. Smooth muscle differs from striated muscle in the much higher actin/myosin ratio, the absence of conspicuous sarcomeres and the ability to contract to a much smaller fraction of its resting length[GO].
striated muscle tissue +  
tonsillar pillar 
visceral muscle tissue +  

Exact Synonyms: involuntary muscle ;   non-striated muscle ;   smooth muscle ;   textus muscularis nonstriatus
Narrow Synonyms: visceral muscle ;   visceral muscle tissue
Related Synonyms: textus muscularis levis; textus muscularis nonstriatus
Xrefs: AAO:0010244 ;   AEO:0000141 ;   BTO:0001260 ;   CALOHA:TS-0943 ;   EFO:0000889 ;   EHDAA2:0003141 ;   EMAPA:32717 ;   EV:0100378 ;   FMA:14070 ;   GAID:167 ;   MA:0000166 ;   MAT:0000303 ;   MESH:D009130 ;   MIAA:0000303 ;   NCI:C12437 ;   TAO:0005274 ;   UMLS:C1267092 ;   VHOG:0001246 ;   WBbt:0005781 ;   Wikipedia:Smooth_muscle_tissue ;   XAO:0000175 ;   ZFA:0005274 ;   galen:SmoothMuscle ;   galen:SmoothMuscleTissue
Definition Sources: GO:0006939, Wikipedia:Smooth_muscle_tissue

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