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ventral pancreatic duct (UBERON:0001064)
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pancreatic duct +    
tube +    
bile duct +  
biliary ductule 
cartilaginous external acoustic tube 
cochlear duct of membranous labyrinth +  
crus commune +  
digestive tract +  
dorsal pancreatic duct 
duct of salivary gland +  
duct of seminal vesicle 
ductus reuniens +  
efferent duct +  
ejaculatory duct +  
endolymphatic duct +  
endostylar duct 
epididymis +  
epithelial tube +  
epithelium of pancreatic duct 
excretory tube +  
exocrine pancreas +  
exocrine pancreas epithelium +  
extrapancreatic duct 
feather shaft +  
head of pancreas +  
hypophyseal tube 
male genital duct +  
Mullerian duct +  
nasolacrimal duct +  
oviduct +  
pancreas left lobe 
pancreas right lobe 
pancreatic acinus 
pancreatic duct +  
pancreatic lobule +  
perilymphatic channel +  
peristaltic circulatory vessel 
respiratory tube +  
saccule duct 
secretion of exocrine pancreas 
semicircular canal +  
semicircular duct +  
seminiferous tubule of testis +  
subdivision of tube +  
thyroglossal duct 
uncinate process of pancreas 
utricle duct 
utriculosaccular duct +  
vas deferens +  
ventral pancreatic duct 
A duct joining the pancreas to the common bile duct to supply pancreatic juices which aid in digestion provided by the exocrine pancreas. The pancreatic duct joins the common bile duct just prior to the ampulla of Vater, after which both ducts perforate the medial side of the second portion of the duodenum at the major duodenal papilla.
vitelline duct +  

Exact Synonyms: chief pancreatic duct ;   duct of Wirsung ;   main pancreatic duct
Broad Synonyms: pancreatic duct
Related Synonyms: canal of Wirsung ;   ductus pancreatis ventralis ;   hepaticopancreatic duct
Alternate IDs: UBERON:0005627
Xrefs: BTO:0002362 ;   EHDAA2:0001396 ;   EHDAA:6905 ;   EMAPA:17510 ;   FMA:16003 ;   GAID:337 ;   MA:0000126 ;   MESH:D010183 ;   NCIT:C12272 ;   RETIRED_EHDAA2:0002177 ;   SCTID:245385001 ;   UMLS:C0030288 ;   VHOG:0000256 ;   Wikipedia:Pancreatic_duct
Definition Sources: Wikipedia:Pancreatic_duct

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