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compound organ +    
air capillary of parabronchus 
air sac +  
Alcock's canal 
alveolar pore 
ampulla of Lorenzini 
ampullary organ 
anal canal +  
anterior intestinal portal 
atrial foramen intermedium 
bone foramen +  
bronchial tube 
bronchoalveolar duct junction 
carpal tunnel 
cartilage of respiratory system +  
caudal-fin organ +  
cavitated compound organ +  
central canal of spinal cord +  
chordate pharynx +  
circulatory organ +  
compound organ component +  
corpus cavernosum maxillaris +  
diencephalic part of interventricular foramen 
elephant trunk 
epibranchial organ 
external acoustic meatus +  
femoral canal 
foramen perforans tarsi 
foramen primum 
foramen secundum 
future tongue +  
gill +  
hair canal 
head kidney +  
hyaloid canal 
immature otolith +  
inflow tract +  
inguinal canal +  
internal acoustic meatus 
interventricular foramen intermedium 
interventricular foramen of CNS +  
interventricular foramen of heart 
intracranial diverticulum of swimbladder 
lacrimal canaliculus +  
lacrimal drainage system +  
lateral vaginal canal 
lymph node medullary sinus 
lymph node paracortical sinus 
median vaginal canal 
nasal air sac 
nerve foramen +  
notochordal canal 
obturator foramen 
open tracheal system +  
orifice +  
outflow tract +  
paranasal sinus +  
parapineal organ 
parietal organ 
posterior kidney 
rectal diverticulum 
renal pelvis +  
respiration organ +  
respiratory airway +  
An airway through which respiratory air passes in organisms.
respiratory system basal lamina +  
respiratory system blood vessel +  
respiratory system connective tissue +  
respiratory system epithelium +  
respiratory system gland +  
respiratory system lymphatic vessel +  
respiratory system mucosa +  
respiratory system muscle +  
respiratory system reticular lamina +  
respiratory system skeletal muscle +  
respiratory system smooth muscle +  
rete ovarii 
rete testis 
ruminant esophageal groove 
solid compound organ +  
spiracle (sensu Vertebrata) 
subdivision of spinal cord central canal +  
telencephalic part of interventricular foramen 
tube +  
upper respiratory conduit +  
urethra +  
vertebral canal +  
vertebral foramen +  
vessel +  

Broad Synonyms: airway ;   airways
Xrefs: FMA:265130 ;   SCTID:361380005 ;   Wikipedia:Trachea
Definition Sources: Wikipedia:Trachea

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