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appendage +    
imaginal disc +    
ampullar siphon 
annelid peristomium 
annelid pygidium 
antenna +  
appendage musculature +  
appendage vasculature +  
ascidian ampulla +  
elephant trunk 
extensor muscle +  
fin +  
flexor muscle +  
The capitate stalk on both sides of the thorax having developed from the dorsal metathoracic wing-buds, it is freely movable and capable of vibration, representing the hind wing of Diptera; used for flight balance.
imaginal disc-derived wing +  
insect abdominal segment +  
insect adult segment +  
insect antennal disc +  
insect clypeo-labral disc +  
insect dorsal thoracic disc +  
insect embryonic segment +  
insect eye-antennal disc +  
insect genital disc +  
insect head segment +  
insect labial disc +  
insect larval segment +  
insect leg +  
insect thoracic segment +  
insect ventral thoracic disc +  
metapterygial axis 
paired limb/fin +  
pelvic spur 
plane of autotomy +  
spine appendage +  
subdivision of organism along appendicular axis +  
tube foot +  
tunicate siphon +  
wing +  

Related Synonyms: balancer organ
Xrefs: EFO:0000886 ;   FBbt:00004783 ;   MAT:0000203 ;   MIAA:0000203 ;   Wikipedia:Haltere
Definition Sources: FB:gg, ISBN:3110148986, Wikipedia:Haltere

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