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tissue +    
adrenal tissue +  
alar plate midbrain 
anlage +  
anterior ectodermal midgut 
anterior swim bladder bud 
avascular GAG-rich matrix +  
bone marrow +  
branchiostegal membrane 
bulb of hair follicle +  
cardiac jelly +  
cerebellar crest 
climbing fiber 
cloacal papilla 
connective tissue +  
core of melon organ 
corneal primordium +  
corpuscles of Stannius 
dermal papilla +  
dermal pulp of feather shaft 
dermis of feather follicle 
dorso-rostral cluster 
dorsolateral septum 
elastica externa of notochord 
embryonic tissue +  
endocardial ring +  
epidermal intermediate stratum 
epidermal placode 
epidermal superficial stratum 
epidermis of feather follicle +  
epiphysial cluster 
epithelium +  
equatorial belt 
erectile tissue +  
external cellular layer 
extraembryonic tissue +  
eye trabecular meshwork +  
filum terminale +  
filum terminale externum 
filum terminale internum 
gigantocellular part of magnocellular preoptic nucleus 
gill filament +  
granular layer corpus cerebelli 
granular layer valvula cerebelli 
hair root sheath +  
hair root sheath matrix 
heterogeneous tissue +  
inner fin tissue 
intermediate cell mass of mesoderm 
internal cellular layer 
interstitial fluid +  
intervillus pockets +  
lamina +  
Any thin layer or plate.
late distal segment 
lateral line +  
lateral line primordium +  
lens cortex 
lens vesicle +  
limiting layer of elasmoid scale 
lower oral valve 
macula +  
matrix-based tissue 
mesenchyme +  
mineralized extracellular matrix +  
molecular layer corpus cerebelli +  
molecular layer valvula cerebelli +  
mossy fiber 
muscle tissue +  
nail matrix 
nephron progenitor +  
neural tissue 
neurogenic field +  
non-neural ectoderm +  
notochord posterior region 
optic vesicle +  
outer fin tissue 
parallel fiber, teleost 
pars acromialis 
pars amphibiorum 
pars basilaris 
pars glenoidalis of scapula 
pearly penile papule 
penile spine 
periodontium +  
periurethral tissue +  
pillar of the semicircular canal +  
placodal ectoderm 
primary olfactory fiber layer 
Purkinje cell layer corpus cerebelli 
Purkinje cell layer valvula cerebelli 
ramule palatonasalis 
retromolar triangle 
root of nail 
rostral blood island 
saccus dorsalis 
scale primordium 
stratum fibrosum et griseum superficiale 
stratum marginale 
stratum opticum 
stratum periventriculare 
superficial fascia 
thyroid primordium +  
tooth root apical papilla 
trabecular network of bone +  
upper oral valve 
ventral wall of dorsal aorta 

Exact Synonyms: laminar tissue
Xrefs: Wikipedia:Lamina_of_the_vertebral_arch
relational_adjective: laminar
Definition Sources: Wikipedia:Lamina_of_the_vertebral_arch

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