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ectoderm +    
future mouth +    
2nd arch ectoderm 
3rd arch ectoderm 
4th arch ectoderm 
abdominal part of esophagus 
animal cap +  
apical ectodermal ridge +  
celiac trunk 
cervical part of esophagus 
chorionic ectoderm 
cloaca +  
cortical collecting duct +  
descending thoracic aorta 
descending trunk of arch of aorta +  
ear vesicle +  
ectoderm of buccopharyngeal membrane +  
ectoderm of footplate +  
ectoderm-derived structure +  
ectodermal placode +  
epiglottis +  
external ectoderm +  
extraembryonic ectoderm 
future central nervous system +  
future mouth +  
future pituitary gland +  
hatching gland 
hypopharynx +  
infundibulum of hair follicle 
insect anterior ectoderm +  
insect neurogenic region 
insect trunk ectoderm +  
jugular bulb +  
juxtaductal region of aortic arch 
lateral nasal process surface ectoderm 
mammary ridge +  
medial-nasal process ectoderm 
membranous urethra of male or female +  
mouth +  
navicular fossa of spongiose part of urethra +  
notochordal process +  
optic eminence ectoderm +  
oropharynx +  
postductal region of aortic arch 
preductal region of aortic arch 
primary nerve cord +  
proctodeum +  
prostatic urethra +  
proximo-distal subdivision of respiratory tract +  
renal medulla collecting duct 
section of aorta +  
spongiose part of urethra +  
stomodeum +  
Anterior part of the embryonic digestive tract that develops into a mouth. The stomodeum includes as parts an invagination of the ectoderm and the stomodeal cavity.
subdivision of digestive tract +  
subdivision of oviduct +  
thoracic part of esophagus 
uterus or analog 

Exact Synonyms: mouth primordium ;   primitive oral cavity ;   stomatodeum ;   stomodaeum
Broad Synonyms: stomodeal-hypophyseal primordium
Related Synonyms: mouth pit ;   oral ectoderm ;   oral pit
Xrefs: BTO:0004224 ;   EHDAA2:0001929 ;   EMAPA:16263 ;   FBbt:00000439 ;   FMA:295846 ;   NCIT:C34306 ;   TAO:0001290 ;   TGMA:0000135 ;   UMLS:C1514977 ;   Wikipedia:Stomodeum ;   XAO:0000269 ;   ZFA:0001290
Definition Sources:,, Wikipedia:Stomodeum

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