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adult organism +  
anatomical group 
anatomical system +  
body of tubeworm +  
embryo +  
Anatomical entity that comprises the organism in the early stages of growth and differentiation that are characterized by cleavage, the laying down of fundamental tissues, and the formation of primitive organs and organ systems. For example, for mammals, the process would begin with zygote formation and end with birth. For insects, the process would begin at zygote formation and end with larval hatching. For plant zygotic embryos, this would be from zygote formation to the end of seed dormancy. For plant vegetative embryos, this would be from the initial determination of the cell or group of cells to form an embryo until the point when the embryo becomes independent of the parent plant.
female organism +  
hermaphroditic organism +  
insect pharate adult 
larva +  
male organism +  
morphological feature +  
organism subdivision +  
organism substance +  
post-embryonic organism +  
prepupa +  
primordium +  
pupa +  
regenerating anatomical structure +  
sexually immature organism 
tissue +  

Exact Synonyms: embryonic organism
Related Synonyms: developing organism ;   developmental tissue
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relational_adjective: embryonic
Definition Sources: BTO:0000379, FB:FBrf0039741, FB:FBrf0041814, GO:0009790, Wikipedia:Embryo

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