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aggregate regional part of brain +  
aligned anatomical group 
anatomical cluster +  
Anatomical group whose component anatomical structures lie in close proximity to each other.
insect non-connected developing system +  
insect synaptic neuropil block +  
non-connected functional system +  
 rotator cuff +  
 scale row +  
 shell +  
 vasculature +  
 zonal area +  

Xrefs: FBbt:00007277 ;   IDOMAL:0002461 ;   VHOG:0001737
External Ontologys: present_in_taxon NCBITaxon:33090 ;   present_in_taxon NCBITaxon:33208 ;   present_in_taxon NCBITaxon:4751
Definition Sources: FBbt:00007277

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