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ciliary epithelium 
iris epithelium 
myoepithelium +  
An epithelium consisting of myopethelial cells, which are contractile cells resembling smooth muscle cells that are present in glands, notably the mammary gland, and aid in secretion. This cell has long weaving dendritic processes containing myofilament[CL].
orthokeratinized epithelium 
parakeratinized epithelium +  
sensory epithelium +  

Exact Synonyms: myo-epithelium
Related Synonyms: myoepitheliocytus
Xrefs: BTO:0002308 ;   FMA:67805 ;   Wikipedia:Myoepithelial_cell
Definition Sources: CL:0000185, Wikipedia:Myoepithelial_cell

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