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4th arch ectoderm 
4th arch endoderm 
4th arch mesenchyme +  
abdominal part of esophagus 
accessory foramen 
accessory olfactory bulb +  
acetabular part of hip bone +  
acetabular rim +  
acinus of parotid gland 
acrocoracoid process 
adductor blade +  
adductor crest 
adductor mandibulae complex 
afferent lamellar arteriole 
agger limitans anterior of ilium 
agger limitans anterior of ischium 
agranular insular cortex 
alisphenoid endochondral element +  
allocortex +  
alveolar artery +  
alveolar canal 
ambient gyrus 
Ammon's horn +  
amygdalohippocampal area, magnocellular division 
amygdalohippocampal area, parvocellular division 
amygdalohippocampal transition area 
amygdalopiriform transition area 
angle of scapula +  
anterior cerebral artery +  
anterior choroidal artery 
anterior cingulate cortex +  
anterior corona radiata 
anterior dentation of pectoral fin spine 
anterior distal condyle of femur 
anterior distal serration of pectoral fin spine 
anterior division of bed nuclei of stria terminalis +  
anterior humeral ridge 
anterior inferior cerebellar artery 
anterior lamina recurvata 
anterior limb of ceratobranchial 5 bone 
anterior limb of ceratobranchial 5 cartilage +  
anterior limb of parapophysis 4 
anterior meningeal artery 
anterior parahippocampal gyrus 
anterior part of tongue 
anterior part of tympanic bone 
anterior perforated substance 
anterior process of hyoid apparatus 
anterior process of the palatoquadrate 
anterior ramus of cleithrum 
anterior segment of paracentral lobule 
anterior subdivision of masseter 
anterior temporal fusiform gyrus 
anterior tubercle of transverse process of cervical vertebra 
anterolateral process of frontoparietal 
anterolateral process of hyoid plate 
anterolateral visual area +  
anterolateral visual area, layer 5 
anteromedial visual area +  
anteromedial visual area, layer 5 
anteroventral process of cleithrum 
aortic sac +  
apex of arytenoid 
apex of cochlea 
apophysis distalis of tibiofibula 
arch of aorta +  
arch of centrum of vertebra +  
arcopallium +  
area postrema 
arrector pili muscle of vibrissa 
artery of lower lip 
artery of upper lip 
articular process 
arytenoid swellings +  
ascending aorta +  
ascending limb of ceratobranchial 5 bone 
ascending limb of ceratobranchial 5 cartilage +  
ascending process of clavicle 
ascending process of the astragalus 
ascending process of the parasphenoid 
astragalus head 
astragalus-calcaneum unit +  
atlantal cotyle 
atlantal spinal nerve foramen 
auditory cortex +  
auricular cartilage +  
auricular muscle +  
barrel cortex +  
basal part of pons +  
base of arytenoid 
base of cochlear canal 
basibranchial element +  
basihyal element +  
basihyal lingual process 
basilar membrane of cochlea +  
basilar papilla 
basioccipital cartilage element +  
basipterygoid process of parasphenoid 
basis modioli 
basis pontis 
basitrabecular process 
bed nuclei of the stria terminalis oval nucleus 
bicipital crest 
bicipital tuberosity 
blood-inner ear barrier 
body of ilium +  
body of rib +  
bony labyrinth +  
bony part of vertebral arch +  
bony pelvis +  
border of scapula +  
branch of anterior cerebral artery +  
branch of external carotid artery +  
branch of internal carotid artery 
branch of middle cerebral artery +  
branchiomeric muscle +  
branchiostegal membrane 
brevis shelf +  
Brodmann area +  
bronchial process 
buccal artery 
bulb of aorta +  
bulb of hair follicle +  
calcaneal body 
calcaneal tuber 
calcar avis of the lateral ventricle 
calcareous tooth +  
capitulum of humerus 
capitulum of radio-ulna 
capitulum of radius 
capitulum ulnae 
capsule of temporomandibular joint 
caput glenoidale 
caput ossis cruris 
carina distalis 
carina medialis 
carina proximalis 
caroticotympanic artery 
cartilago paraglenoidalis 
caudal anterior cingulate cortex 
caudal CA1 +  
caudal CA2 +  
caudal CA3 +  
caudal division of the internal carotid artery 
cavernous artery 
celiac trunk 
central canal of spinal cord +  
central part of body of bony vertebral centrum 
ceratobranchial element +  
ceratohyal element +  
cerebellar crest 
cerebellar plate +  
cerebellum +  
cerebral blood vessel 
cerebral hemisphere +  
cerebral vein +  
cervical part of esophagus 
cervical vertebra 1 anterior tubercle 
cervical vertebra 1 arcus anterior 
cervical vertebral foramen 
chemoarchitectural part of striatum +  
chin +  
chin ventral margin 
choroid plexus of fourth ventricle +  
choroid plexus of tectal ventricle 
cingulate cortex +  
circle of Willis +  
clavicle blade 
clavicle bone +  
cleithrum head 
climbing fiber 
cloaca +  
cnemial crest 
cochlea +  
cochlear basement membrane 
cochlear canal +  
cochlear duct of membranous labyrinth +  
cochlear labyrinth +  
cochlear modiolus +  
collum antibrachii 
collum ilei 
columnar area 
common carotid artery plus branches +  
common crus 
common crus of semicircular duct 
conchal part of pinna +  
condyle of femur +  
condyle of humerus +  
condyle of talus +  
condyle of tibia +  
copula linguae 
coracoid foramen +  
coracoid plate 
coracoid process of scapula +  
core of nucleus accumbens 
corniculate cartilage 
cornu mesial process 
coronoid process of ulna 
corpus cerebelli +  
cortex of hair 
cortex of humerus 
cortex of manus bone 
cortical collecting duct +  
costal cartilage +  
cotyloid notch 
cranial division of the internal carotid artery 
crista ampullaris +  
crista dorsalis humeri 
crista hypertrophica ischium 
crista ischii 
crista lateralis humeri 
crista longitudinalis scapula 
crista medialis humeri 
crista radii 
crista tibiofibularis 
crus commune +  
crus of ear 
cultriform process 
cusp of tooth +  
cuticle of hair 
cymba conchae of pinna 
cytoarchitecture of entorhinal cortex 
deep auricular artery 
deep part of masseter muscle 
deep part of temporalis 
deep temporal artery 
deltoid process 
deltopectoral crest 
dental epithelium +  
dentate gyrus of hippocampal formation +  
dentate gyrus subgranular zone 
dermal pulp of feather shaft 
dermal scale focus 
dermis of feather follicle 
descending thoracic aorta 
descending trunk of arch of aorta +  
diaphragma sellae 
diaphysis of femur +  
diaphysis of fibula 
diaphysis of metacarpal bone 
diaphysis of metatarsal bone 
diaphysis of radius 
diaphysis of tibia 
diaphysis of ulna +  
diapophysis of neural arch 
dilated medial process of metacarpal IV 
disk of temporomandibular joint 
distal cartilage of external anterior process of basipterygium 
distal cartilage of internal anterior process of basipterygium 
distal cartilage of middle anterior process of basipterygium 
distal cartilage of posterior process of basipterygium 
distal keel of metacarpal III 
distal segment of digit +  
distal segment of rib 
dorsal auditory area +  
dorsal auditory area, layer 4 
dorsal cap of Kooy 
dorsal clavicular process 
dorsal hyoid arch skeleton +  
dorsal iliac process 
dorsal iliac ridge 
dorsal pallium +  
dorsal ridge 
dorsal ventricular ridge of pallium 
dorsal zone of medial entorhinal cortex 
dorso-rostral cluster 
dorsolateral prefrontal cortex +  
dorsolateral septum 
ductus arteriosus +  
ductus reuniens +  
ear +  
ear vesicle +  
ectepicondylar flange 
ectepicondylar foramen +  
ectocondylar tubercle 
efferent lamellar arteriole 
eminentia arcuata 
eminentia granularis 
enamel knot 
endocardium of right ventricle 
endochondral bone +  
endochondral bone tissue +  
endolymphatic duct +  
endolymphatic system 
entepicondylar foramen 
entorhinal cortex +  
epibranchial bone uncinate process +  
epibranchial element +  
epicondyle of humerus +  
epidermis of feather follicle +  
epiglottis +  
A part of the pharynx that consists of a flap of elastic cartilage tissue plus a mucous membrane covering, attached to the entrance of the larynx. The epiglottis is found at the root of the tongue and folds back over the entrance to the larynx during swallowing, preventing inhalation of food or drink[MP,modified].
epioccipital bridge 
epioccipital posterior process 
epiphyseal plate of radius 
epiphysis of femur +  
epiphysis of fibula +  
epiphysis of humerus +  
epiphysis of metacarpal bone +  
epiphysis of metatarsal bone +  
epiphysis of phalanx +  
epiphysis of radius +  
epiphysis of tibia +  
epiphysis of ulna +  
epithelium of incisor +  
epithelium of laryngopharynx 
epithelium of vomeronasal organ 
esophageal process 
ethmoid cartilage +  
ethmoidal artery +  
excurrent foramen of ectepicondylar foramen 
exoccipital cartilage element +  
external anterior process of basipterygium 
external carotid artery +  
external cellular layer 
facial muscle +  
falx cerebelli 
falx cerebri 
fasciolar gyrus 
feather bud, dermal component +  
feather bud, epidermal component +  
feather follicle +  
femoral ridge 
fibular crest 
fin hook +  
fissura sagittalis 
floor plate of medulla oblongata 
floor plate of metencephalon 
floor plate of telencephalon 
foramen cecum of frontal bone 
foramen cecum of tongue 
foramen nutritium exterius 
foramen perforans carpi 
fossa glenoidalis 
fossula tuberis superioris 
fourth ventricle +  
fourth ventricle aperture +  
fourth ventricle choroid plexus epithelium 
fourth ventricle choroid plexus stroma 
fourth ventricle ependyma 
fovea capitis of femur 
fovea capitis of humerus 
frontal operculum 
fundus striati 
future hindbrain meninx +  
future internal carotid artery +  
future mouth +  
future upper lip +  
gelatinous layer of statoconial membrane 
genu of corpus callosum +  
gill lamella +  
gingiva of lower jaw 
glabella region +  
glabella region of bone 
glenoid end of clavicle 
glenoid head of coracoid 
glossopharyngeal ganglion +  
glossopharyngeal lobe 
granular eminence 
granular insular cortex 
granular layer corpus cerebelli 
granular layer valvula cerebelli 
greater palatine artery 
gross anatomical parts of the cerebellum 
gyrus +  
Hadjikhani et al. (1998) visuotopic partition scheme region +  
haemal arch lamina 
hair follicle +  
hair follicle bulge 
hair follicle isthmus 
hair follicle matrix region 
hair matrix 
hair medulla 
hair root 
hair root sheath +  
hair root sheath matrix 
hair shaft +  
head of femur +  
head of radius 
head of rib +  
heel +  
helix of outer ear 
Hensen stripe 
hindbrain neural keel +  
hindbrain neural rod +  
hindbrain neural tube 
hippocampal field +  
hippocampal formation +  
horn of thyroid cartilage +  
humeral diverticulum of clavicular air sac 
humerus diaphysis +  
hyale +  
hyoid apparatus +  
hyoid arch skeleton +  
hyoid artery +  
hyoid articular area 
hyoid bone +  
hyoid muscle +  
hyoid plate +  
hyoid pre-muscle mass +  
hyoidean artery 
hyomandibular condyle for the opercle 
hyomandibular element +  
hyomandibular foramen 
hyperpallium apicale +  
hypertrophic cartilage zone 
hypobranchial artery 
hypobranchial element +  
hypohyal element +  
hypopharynx +  
iliac blade +  
iliac crest 
iliac fossa 
iliac neck 
iliac peduncle 
iliac peduncle of the pubis 
iliac spine +  
ilial protuberance 
ilial ridge 
ilial shaft +  
immature otolith +  
incisor region of dentition +  
incisura terminalis 
incurrent foramen of ectepicondylar foramen 
inferior horn of the lateral ventricle 
inferior hypophysial artery 
inferior lateral occipital cortex 
inferior parietal cortex 
inferior rostral gyrus 
inferior transverse frontopolar gyrus 
infraorbital artery 
infraspinous process 
infundibular recess of 3rd ventricle +  
infundibulum of hair follicle 
inner ear epithelium +  
inner ear foramen +  
inter-clavicle joint 
intercalarium ascending process 
interhyal element +  
interilial region 
internal acoustic meatus 
internal anterior process of basipterygium 
internal carotid artery +  
internal cellular layer 
internal ear +  
internal surface of frontal bone 
internal trochanter 
interstitial part of hyperpallium apicale 
intertragic incisure 
interventricular foramen of CNS +  
intumescentia bilateralis inferior 
intumescentia bilateralis superior 
ischial foot 
ischial peduncle 
ischial ramus +  
ischial spine 
ischiopubic ramus 
isla magna of Calleja 
islands of Calleja of olfactory tubercle 
isthmus of cingulate cortex 
isthmus of cingulate gyrus 
jugular bulb +  
juxtaductal region of aortic arch 
Kimura membrane 
labyrinthine artery +  
lacrimal artery +  
lacrimal sac +  
lamina of spiral limbus 
lamina terminalis of ischium 
laryngeal apparatus +  
laryngeal associated mesenchyme +  
laryngeal pre-cartilage condensation +  
laryngeal prominence 
lateral division 
lateral eminence of fourth ventricle 
lateral entorhinal cortex 
lateral epicondyle of femur 
lateral ethmoid palatine process 
lateral ethmoid wing 
lateral granular eminence 
lateral lingual swelling epithelium 
lateral malleolus of fibula 
lateral mesethmoid wing 
lateral occipital foramen 
lateral orbital frontal cortex 
lateral pallium +  
lateral palpebral artery 
lateral pretrosal artery +  
lateral process of basipterygium 
lateral process of cricoid cartilage 
lateral tuber of ulna 
lateral tubercle of astragalus 
lateral ventricle choroid plexus stroma 
lateral ventricle ependyma 
lateral ventricle subependymal layer 
lateral visual area +  
lateral visual area, layer 4 
lateral visual area, layer 5 
lateral visual area, layer 6a 
latissimus dorsi process 
layer of dura mater +  
layer of hippocampal field +  
layer of tympanic membrane +  
lepidotrichial segment +  
lesser tubercle of humerus 
ligament of pinna 
ligament of temporomandibular joint 
ligamentum arteriosum 
limiting layer of elasmoid scale 
lingual swellings +  
lobe of cerebral hemisphere +  
lobule of pinna 
lower beak +  
lower rhombic lip 
lumbar vertebral foramen 
lumen of laryngopharynx 
lunge feeding organ +  
lunge feeding organ papilla 
macula +  
main olfactory bulb +  
mandibular artery 
mandibular rhamphotheca 
mandibular symphysis +  
manubrium of hyale 
margo anterior of cleithrum 
margo anterior of scapula 
margo clavicularis 
margo fenestralis 
margo posterior 
margo posterior of cleithrum 
margo posterior of scapula 
margo scapularis 
margo suprascapularis 
margo vertebralis 
masseteric artery +  
maxillary artery +  
maxillary process ectoderm +  
maxillary process mesenchyme +  
medial accessory olive 
medial blade of ilium 
medial caudal lobe 
medial division 
medial entorhinal cortex +  
medial epicondyle of femur 
medial orbital frontal cortex 
medial pallium 
medial palpebral artery 
medial pelvic process 
medial transverse frontopolar gyrus 
median lingual swelling epithelium 
medulla oblongata sulcus limitans 
medullary command nucleus 
membranous labyrinth +  
membranous urethra of male or female +  
mental artery 
mesenchyme of middle ear +  
mesenchyme of pinna 
mesenchyme of sublingual gland primordium 
mesenchyme of trachea +  
mesenchyme of upper jaw +  
mesethmoid cornu +  
mesethmoid element +  
mesethmoid ventral diverging lamella 
metaphysis of femur +  
metaphysis of fibula 
metaphysis of humerus 
metaphysis of radius 
metaphysis of tibia 
metencephalon sulcus limitans 
metotic fissure 
mid-dorsal keel 
midbrain cerebral aqueduct +  
middle anterior process of basipterygium 
middle cerebral artery +  
middle meningeal artery 
middle temporal artery 
molecular layer corpus cerebelli +  
molecular layer valvula cerebelli +  
mossy fiber 
mucosa of epiglottis 
mucosa of laryngopharynx +  
mucosa of nasolacrimal duct +  
mucosa of upper lip +  
muscle of digastric group +  
muscular artery 
myelencephalon sulcus limitans +  
nasolacrimal duct +  
nasolacrimal groove +  
navicular fossa of spongiose part of urethra +  
neck of femur 
neck of fibula 
neck of humerus 
neck of radius 
neck of rib 
neck of scapula 
neck of talus 
neck of tooth 
neocortex +  
neural lamina 
neural lobe of neurohypophysis 
nidopallium +  
nose +  
nucal keel 
obturator process of ischium 
occipital condyle 
occipital fusiform gyrus 
ocular angle artery 
odontoid process of cervical vertebra 2 
olecranon fossa 
olfactory bulb +  
olfactory cortex +  
olfactory entorhinal cortex 
olfactory trigone 
olivary body +  
Ongur, Price, and Ferry (2003) prefrontal cortical partition scheme region +  
opercular artery 
opercular part of inferior frontal gyrus 
operculum of brain +  
ophthalmic artery +  
ophthalmotemporal branch of external ophthalmic artery 
orbital gyri complex 
orbital operculum 
orbital part of frontal bone 
oronasal membrane 
oropharynx +  
osseus cochlear canal 
osseus labyrinth vestibule +  
osseus semicircular canal 
osseus spiral lamina 
otic capsule +  
otic vesicle protrusion +  
otolith +  
otolith organ +  
otolithic part of statoconial membrane +  
outer root sheath companion layer 
P1 area of pallium (Myxiniformes) 
P2 area of pallium (Myxiniformes) 
P3 area of pallium (Myxiniformes) 
P4 area of pallium (Myxiniformes) 
P5 area of pallium (Myxiniformes) 
palatine tonsil 
palatoquadrate element +  
pallium +  
paracingulate gyrus 
parallel fiber 
parasagittal crest 
parasagittal processes 
parasphenoid flange 
parasympathetic nervous system +  
parietal operculum 
parotid gland +  
parotid gland excretory duct +  
parotid gland intralobular duct +  
pars acromialis 
pars amphibiorum 
pars basilaris 
pars cylindriformis ilei 
pars endotympanica 
pars flaccida of tympanic membrane 
pars glenoidalis of scapula 
pars inferior of labyrinth 
pars interarticularis of vertebra 
pars reflexa of masseter 
pars reuniens 
pars suprascapularis 
pars tensa of tympanic membrane 
pectoral process of humerus 
periamygdaloid cortex 
pericalcarine cortex 
perilymphatic channel +  
perilymphatic system +  
periocular mesenchyme 
perirhinal cortex +  
pharyngeal arch 3 skeleton +  
pharyngeal arch 4 skeleton +  
pharyngeal arch 5 skeleton +  
pharyngeal arch 6 skeleton +  
pharyngeal arch 7 skeleton +  
pharyngeal arch artery +  
pharyngeal arch artery 4 +  
pharyngeal arch derived gill +  
pharyngeal gill precursor +  
pharyngeal membrane of 4th arch 
pharyngobranchial 2 bone uncinate process 
pharyngobranchial 3 bone uncinate process 
pharyngobranchial 4 bone uncinate process 
pharyngobranchial element +  
pharyngotympanic tube +  
pharyngotympanic tube epithelium 
pillar of the semicircular canal +  
pilosebaceous unit +  
pineal foramen 
pinna +  
pinna surface epithelium 
piriform cortex +  
planum polare 
planum temporale 
pole of cerebral hemisphere +  
pons +  
pontine tegmentum +  
popliteal area 
portion of cartilage tissue in tibia 
post-hyoid pharyngeal arch skeleton +  
postacetabular buttress 
postacetabular zone 
postaxial process of the femur 
postaxial process of the fibula 
postaxial process of the ulnare 
postbranchial lamina 
postductal region of aortic arch 
posterior cingulate cortex 
posterior cleithral process 
posterior communicating artery 
posterior corona radiata 
posterior dentation of dorsal fin spine 2 
posterior dentation of pectoral fin spine 
posterior distal condyle of femur 
posterior division of bed nuclei of stria terminalis +  
posterior lamina recurvata 
posterior limb of parapophysis 4 
posterior parietal association areas +  
posterior parietal cortex 
posterior part of tongue +  
posterior process of basipterygium +  
posterior process of ilium 
posterior ramus of cleithrum 
posterior segment of paracentral lobule 
posterior subdivision of masseter 
posterior superior alveolar artery 
posterior temporal fusiform gyrus 
posterior tubercle of transverse process of cervical vertebra 
posterior wall of laryngopharynx 
posterodorsal process of ilium 
posterolateral process 
posterolateral visual area +  
posterolateral visual area, layer 4 
posteromedial process 
posteromedial visual area +  
posteromedial visual area, layer 4 
posteromedial visual area, layer 6a 
postorbital process 
postrhinal area +  
postrhinal area, layer 4 
postrhinal cortex of rodent of Burwell et al 1995 
pre-Botzinger complex 
preacetabular expansion 
preacetabular process 
precentral operculum 
preductal region of aortic arch 
prefrontal cortex +  
premotor cortex 
prepectoral space 
prepubic process 
prepyriform area 
Press, Brewer, Dougherty, Wade and Wandell (2001) visuotopic area V7 
presubiculum +  
primary auditory cortex 
primary motor cortex +  
primary olfactory cortex 
primary olfactory fiber layer 
primary visual area, layer 2/3 
primary visual area, layer 4 
primary visual area, layer 5 
primary visual area, layer 6a 
primary vitreous 
process 2 
process 3 of entepicondyle 
process 4 of entepicondyle 
process of vertebra +  
processus confluens 
processus posterior of parasphenoid 
processus ventralis of thoracic vertebra 
processus ventrolateralis of thoracic vertebra 
procurrent spur 
prominentia apicalis dorsalis 
prominentia apicalis ventralis 
prostatic urethra +  
proximal head of humerus +  
proximal segment of rib +  
proximo-distal subdivision of respiratory tract +  
pseudobranchial artery 
pubic boot 
pubic peduncle 
pubic ramus +  
pubic symphysis 
pulmonary artery +  
pulmonary artery endothelium 
pulmonary myocardium 
pulmonary vascular system +  
pulmonary vein +  
Purkinje cell layer corpus cerebelli 
Purkinje cell layer valvula cerebelli 
pyramid of medulla oblongata 
quadrato-orbital commissure 
radial head of humerus 
ramus anterior of CN VIII 
ramus posterior of CN VIII 
recessus basilaris 
recessus coccygealis 
recessus fenestrae ovalis 
regional part of cerebellar cortex +  
renal medulla collecting duct 
reticular membrane of spiral organ 
retroarticular process of the palatoquadrate 
retrohippocampal region +  
retrolenticular part of internal capsule +  
retrosplenial granular cortex 
retrosplenial region +  
ridge of tooth +  
right atrium endocardium +  
roof plate of medulla oblongata 
roof plate of metencephalon 
roof plate of telencephalon 
roofing cartilage 
rostral anterior cingulate cortex 
rostral CA1 +  
rostral CA2 +  
rostral CA3 +  
rostral migratory stream 
rostral portion of the medial accessory olive 
rostral ventrolateral medulla 
rostrolateral area, layer 5 
rostrolateral visual area +  
saccule duct 
sacral foramen 
scapula spine 
scapular blade 
scapular process 
sciatic notch +  
secondary auditory cortex 
secondary olfactory cortex +  
secondary visual cortex 
section of aorta +  
semicircular canal +  
semicircular canal ampulla +  
semicircular duct +  
sensory dissociation area 
septum pellucidum +  
septum semicircularium anterior 
septum semicircularium laterale 
septum semircularium posterior 
shell of nucleus accumbens 
sinotubular junction 
sinus of Valsalva 
skeletal muscle tissue of digastric 
skeletal muscle tissue of masseter 
skeletal muscle tissue of mylohyoid 
skeletal muscle tissue of temporalis 
skin of external ear +  
skin of upper lip +  
somatosensory cortex +  
Sommer's sector 
spatium sacculare 
sphenotic spine 
spina acromioidea 
spina occipitalis 
spina pelvis anterior 
spina pelvis posterior 
spinocerebellum +  
spiracle (sensu Vertebrata) 
spiral ligament 
spiral modiolar artery 
spiral organ of cochlea +  
spiral prominence of cochlear duct 
spongiose part of urethra +  
stapedial artery 
statoconial membrane +  
sternal end of clavicle 
sternal head of coracoid 
stomodeum +  
strand of hair +  
stratum intermedium of tooth 
stria vascularis of cochlear duct +  
stylar shelf +  
styloid process of radius 
styloid process of ulna 
stylopharyngeus muscle 
subcupular meshwork of statoconial membrane 
subdivision of diagonal band +  
subdivision of digestive tract +  
subdivision of oviduct +  
subfornical organ 
subicular complex 
sublingual artery 
submandibular duct 
submandibular gland +  
submental vein 
submucosa of laryngopharynx 
subolfactory process 
subotic alae 
sulcus articularis lateralis 
sulcus articularis medialis 
sulcus distalis ossis cruris 
sulcus longitudinalis 
sulcus pro musculo extensori cruris brevis 
sulcus proximalis ossis cruris 
sulcus ypsiloniformis 
superficial feature part of occipital lobe 
superficial feature part of the cerebellum 
superficial part of masseter muscle +  
superficial part of temporalis 
superior cerebellar peduncle of pons 
superior corona radiata 
superior hypophysial artery 
superior laryngeal nerve 
superior lateral occipital cortex 
superior parietal cortex 
superior rostral gyrus 
superior sagittal sinus 
superior transverse frontopolar gyrus 
supinator process 
supplemental motor cortex 
supraacetabular buttress 
supraacetabular crest 
supraacetabular rim 
supracondyle tubercle +  
supraglenoid region 
supraglenoid tubercle 
supraoccipital cartilage element +  
supraoccipital crest 
supraorbital artery 
supraorbital flange 
suprascapula foramen 
suprazygomatic part of temporalis 
suspensorium +  
suspensory ligament of lens 
tectorial membrane of cochlea +  
tectorial restraint system 
tela choroidea of fourth ventricle 
tela choroidea of midbrain cerebral aqueduct 
telencephalic part of interventricular foramen 
telencephalon lateral wall 
temporal bone +  
temporal branch of lateral pretrosal artery 
temporal cortex association area 
temporal fusiform gyrus 
temporal operculum 
temporomandibular joint +  
temporoparietal junction 
tentorium cerebelli 
tenuitas cristaeformis 
terminal branch of ophthalmic artery +  
terminal part of the cochlear canal 
thoracic part of esophagus 
thoracic vertebral foramen 
thyroid gland +  
tibial crest 
tibial plateaux 
tongue +  
Tootell and Hadjikhani (2001) LOC/LOP complex 
tooth crown +  
tooth enamel organ +  
tooth root +  
trachea basement membrane +  
trachea cartilage +  
trachea connective tissue +  
trachea reticular lamina 
transverse foramen +  
transverse frontopolar gyri complex +  
transverse pelvic ridge 
transverse process of neural arch 3 
triangular part of inferior frontal gyrus 
trigeminal nerve muscle +  
trochanter +  
trochanteric crest 
trochanteric shelf 
trochlea of humerus +  
trochlear groove of humerus 
trochlear notch 
truncus arteriosus +  
trunk of common carotid artery 
tubercle of calcaneus +  
tubercle of rib 
tympanic cavity epithelium +  
tympanic membrane +  
tympanic plate +  
type 1 odontode 
ulnar condyle 
ulnar metaphysis 
ulnar notch of radius 
ulnar tuberosity 
ultimobranchial body +  
uncal CA1 +  
uncal CA2 +  
uncal CA3 +  
uncinate fasciculus of the forebrain 
uncinate process of ribs 
uncus of parahippocampal gyrus +  
upper jaw region +  
upper lip +  
upper lip protuberances 
upper respiratory tract +  
upper rhombic lip 
urohyal lateral process 
urohyal median process 
urostyle cotyle 
urostyle ridge +  
uterus or analog 
utricle duct 
utricle valve 
utriculosaccular duct +  
vallecula of cerebellum 
valvula cerebelli +  
velar skeleton 
ventral humeral ridge 
ventral hyoid arch skeleton +  
ventral keel of coracoid 
ventral limb of posttemporal 
ventral pallium 
ventral part of telencephalon +  
ventral ridge system 
ventral tubercle of humerus +  
ventral zone of medial entorhinal cortex 
vertebra lamina 
vertebral arch joint +  
vertebral endplate 
vertebral foramen of atlas 
vestibular aqueduct 
vestibular fissure of the cochlear canal 
vestibular labyrinth +  
vestibular membrane of cochlear duct 
vestibulocerebellum +  
vestibulolateralis lobe +  
visual association cortex 
visual cortex +  
wall of cerebral aqueduct 
wall of common carotid artery 
wall of fourth ventricle 
wall of membranous labyrinth 
wall of pulmonary artery 
zone of basilar membrane of cochlea +  
zone of hyoid bone +  
zygomatic process of frontal bone 
zygomatico-orbital artery 
zygomaticomandibularis muscle 

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External Ontologys: n/a NCBITaxon:8782
Definition Sources:, MGI:llw2, MP:0010371, Wikipedia:Epiglottis

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