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cleaving embryo +    
embryo +    
allantois of embryonic urinary system 
auditory hillocks +  
basiotic bone 
blastula +  
Organism at the blastula stage - an early stage of embryonic development in animals. It is produced by cleavage of a fertilized ovum and consists of a spherical layer of around 128 cells surrounding a central fluid-filled cavity called the blastocoel. The blastula follows the morula and precedes the gastrula in the developmental sequence.
buccopharyngeal membrane +  
cardinal vein +  
cartilaginous neural arch +  
cleaving embryo +  
early embryo +  
early premaxilla +  
embryonic capillary plexus 
embryonic cement gland 
embryonic cloaca +  
embryonic cloacal fold +  
embryonic head +  
embryonic intraretinal space 
embryonic lymph heart 
embryonic structure +  
embryonic tagma +  
entire embryonic mesenchyme +  
foramen ovale of heart +  
gastrula +  
indifferent external genitalia +  
insect cardiogenic mesoderm +  
insect embryonic segment +  
interventricular foramen of heart 
laryngotracheal groove 
late embryo +  
lens pit 
morula +  
Mullerian duct +  
neurula embryo 
olfactory pit +  
oronasal cavity +  
peritoneal vaginal process +  
pharyngeal arch system +  
primary choana 
primary head vein +  
primitive heart tube +  
primitive marginal sinus 
proamniotic cavity +  
pupillary membrane 
scapula cartilage element +  
subcardinal vein +  
supracardinal vein +  

Exact Synonyms: blastula embryo
Related Synonyms: blastosphere
Alternate IDs: UBERON:0007011
Xrefs: BILA:0000059 ;   BTO:0000128 ;   GAID:1294 ;   MESH:D036703 ;   OGEM:000006 ;   Wikipedia:Blastula
Definition Sources: Wikipedia:Blastula

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