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mouth +    
Aristotle's lantern +  
baleen plate +  
blastocele +  
bone fossa +  
bone marrow cavity +  
buccal papilla 
buccal vestibule 
cavity of cardiac chamber +  
cavity of feather follicle 
cavity of feather shaft 
cementocyte lacuna 
cervical cavity 
cheek pouch +  
coelemic cavity lumen +  
cornual diverticulum 
cranial cavity 
dental plaque +  
endolymphatic space 
endometrial cavity 
externally connecting tube lumen +  
fenestra +  
fornix of vagina +  
future tongue +  
gastric pit 
gingival groove 
hyaloid cavity 
inferior recess of lesser sac 
insect labrum 
jaw region +  
labial commissure 
labial region 
lamprey sucker 
lesser sac cavity +  
lingual region 
lip +  
lumen of gastrointestinal system +  
major salivary gland +  
mediastinum +  
midnasal cavity 
mouth floor 
mouth mucosa +  
nasal cavity +  
nasal meatus +  
nasal vestibule 
optic recess of third ventricle 
oral cavity 
Anatomical cavity at the start of the digestive tract that that is enclosed by the mouth. The boundaries and contents vary depending on the species. In vertebrates, the boundaries are the oral opening, the cheeks, the palate and (if present) the palatoglossal arch - if this is not present then the mouth and pharynx form the oropharyngeal cavity. The buccal cavity contains the teeth, tongue and palate (when present).
oral frenulum +  
oral gland +  
oral opening +  
orbital cavity 
organ cavity +  
oronasal cavity +  
otocyst lumen 
paranasal sinus +  
pelvic cavity 
pericardial sinus +  
perilymphatic space 
pineal recess of third ventricle 
pituitary fossa 
placenta fetal blood space 
placenta intervillous maternal lacunae 
posterolingual region 
proamniotic cavity +  
pterygomandibular raphe 
rectovesical pouch 
resorption pit 
secondary palate +  
serous cavity +  
soft palate +  
space between upper and lower jaws 
subhepatic recess +  
submandibular gland +  
sulcus limitans of fourth ventricle 
superior recess of lesser sac 
synovial cavity of joint +  
temporomandibular joint +  
tongue +  
tongue muscle +  
tooth socket 
tubotympanic recess lumen 
tympanic cavity 
vena cava sinus 
vermilion +  
yolk sac cavity +  

Exact Synonyms: buccal cavity ;   cavity of mouth
Related Synonyms: bucca
Xrefs: AAO:0000053 ;   AAO:0000960 ;   BSA:0000107 ;   CALOHA:TS-1315 ;   EFO:0001975 ;   EHDAA2:0001324 ;   EHDAA:6970 ;   EMAPA:17411 ;   EMAPA:18399 ;   EV:0100057 ;   FMA:20292 ;   HAO:0000669 ;   NCIT:C12421 ;   TAO:0001027 ;   TGMA:0000102 ;   UMLS:C0226896 ;   VHOG:0000188 ;   WBbt:0005255 ;   XAO:0000126 ;   ZFA:0001027 ; ;
Definition Sources:,, ISBN:0073040584

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