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ovary +    
basal lamina of epithelium +  
basement membrane of epithelium +  
basilar membrane of cochlea +  
capsule of lens 
corpus luteum 
egg follicle +  
epithelium of female gonad +  
Hensen stripe 
Kimura membrane 
lamina densa of glomerular basement membrane 
lamina lucida 
left ovary 
median ovary 
mesenchyme of ovary 
otolithic part of statoconial membrane +  
ovarian medulla 
ovary septum 
ovary stroma +  
periovarian fat pad 
rete ovarii 
reticular lamina of epithelium +  
right ovary 
statoconial membrane +  
tectorial membrane of cochlea +  
tunica albuginea of ovary 
vitelline membrane 
zona pellucida 
A glycoprotein membrane surrounding the plasma membrane of an oocyte. It is a vital constitutive part of the latter, external but not extraneous to it. The zona pellucida first appears in multilaminar primary oocytes.
zone of basilar membrane of cochlea +  

Broad Synonyms: zona pellucida - vitelline membrane
Related Synonyms: oolemma ;   pellucid zone ;   striated membrane ;   vitelline envelope ;   vitelline membrane ;   zona radiata ;   zona striata
Xrefs: BTO:0003135 ;   EHDAA2:0002220 ;   EHDAA:31 ;   EHDAA:62 ;   EMAPA:16035 ;   FMA:18674 ;   GAID:410 ;   MA:0001715 ;   MESH:D015044 ;   NCI:C33896 ;   TAO:0001111 ;   UMLS:C0043519 ;   Wikipedia:Zona_pellucida ;   ZFA:0001111
External Ontologys: present_in_taxon NCBITaxon:9606
Definition Sources: Wikipedia:Zona_pellucida

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