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accessory optic system +  
alveolar system +  
aortic system +  
articular system +  
autonomic nervous system +  
baleen feeding system +  
biliary system +  
central nervous system +  
chromaffin system +  
enteric nervous system +  
hepatobiliary system +  
insect region of integument +  
insect segmental subdivision of organ system 
insect stomatogastric nervous system 
integument +  
left lung alveolar system +  
limbic system +  
lower urinary tract +  
lymphatic part of lymphoid system +  
musculature +  
musculature of body +  
neural system +  
non-lymphatic part of lymphoid system +  
parasympathetic nervous system +  
peripheral nervous system +  
pulmonary part of lymphatic system +  
renin-angiotensin system 
right lung alveolar system +  
sallet sensory system 
skeletal element +  
skeletal ligament +  
skeletal system +  
skeleton +  
somatic nervous system +  
special sense organ system 
subdivision of skeletal system +  
Anatomical cluster consisting of the skeletal elements and articular elements that are part of an individual subdivision of the organism.
subdivision of skeleton +  
sympathetic nervous system +  
upper urinary tract +  
visual processing part of nervous system +  

Exact Synonyms: skeletal system subdivision
Related Synonyms: skeletal system part
Alternate IDs: UBERON:0010322
Xrefs: FMA:85544 ;   NCI:C34076 ;   SCTID:118966000 ;   UMLS:C1519343 ;   galen:ComplexSkeletalStructure
Definition Sources:, UBERONREF:0000003

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