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organ part +    
adenohypophysis +  
adnexa of uterus 
adrenal gland cortex zone +  
agger limitans anterior of ischium 
alveolar atrium 
alveolus +  
ampulla of uterine tube 
anal part of perineum +  
anatomical wall +  
anterior lamina recurvata 
anterior part of tongue 
apophysis distalis of tibiale fibulare 
apophysis distalis of tibiofibula 
apophysis proximalis 
articular process of palatoquadrate 
ascidian cerebral ganglion 
ascidian ciliated funnel 
ascidian neural gland 
atlantal cotyle 
base of glans penis 
bifurcation of trachea 
blood sinus of vibrissa 
body of pancreas +  
body of sternum 
body of tongue 
branch of ilio-marsupialis muscle 
bulb of aorta +  
bulb of penis 
bulb of vestibule 
bursal follicle 
bursal plica +  
caput epididymis 
caput glenoidale 
caput ossis cruris 
cardiac chamber +  
cardiac valve leaflet +  
carina distalis 
carina medialis 
carina of sternum 
carina proximalis 
cartilago paraglenoidalis 
cauda epididymis 
cerebral hemisphere +  
cerebral subcortex +  
cetacean involucrum 
cochlear labyrinth +  
colic flexure +  
collum antibrachii 
collum ilei 
conchal part of pinna +  
corona of glans penis 
corpora quadrigemina +  
corpus epididymis 
cortex +  
crista terminalis 
crus of penis or clitoris +  
cusp of cardiac valve +  
cymba conchae of pinna 
deep part of masseter muscle 
descending thin limb +  
dilatatio alaris 
dome of diaphragm +  
dorsal iris 
dorsal patch of Leydig's organ 
dorsal zone of medial entorhinal cortex 
dorsum of nose 
dorsum of tongue +  
ectocervix +  
egg follicle +  
element Y of fore mesopodium 
eminentia arcuata 
endocervix +  
entorhinal cortex +  
epicoracoid bridge 
epicoracoid horn 
epiglottic vallecula 
extramural oviduct 
extremitas anterior 
eyelid +  
falx cerebelli 
falx cerebri 
fasciola cinerea 
fasciolar gyrus 
feather calamus 
feather vane 
fissura sagittalis 
footplate of pars media plectri 
fossa glenoidalis 
fossula tuberis superioris 
fovea centralis +  
foveola of retina 
fundus of gallbladder 
fundus of urinary bladder +  
genital papilla of vulva 
glenoid end of clavicle 
glomerular capsule +  
glomerular tuft +  
greater sac +  
gubernacular bulb +  
gubernacular bulb, extra-abdominal part 
gubernacular bulb, intra-abdominal part 
gubernacular cord 
head of pancreas +  
hemipenal sheath 
hyoid plate +  
ilial shaft +  
incisura terminalis 
inferior horn of the lateral ventricle 
inferior parietal cortex 
inferior part of vestibular ganglion 
infraglenoid buttress 
infundibulum of gallbladder 
inguinal ring +  
inner medulla of kidney +  
inner medulla vasa recta ascending limb 
inner medulla vasa recta descending limb 
inscriptional rib 
insect labrum 
integumentary adnexa +  
intermedium (fore) 
intumescentia bilateralis inferior 
isthmus of cingulate gyrus 
isthmus of thyroid gland 
juxtamedullary cortex 
kidney pyramid +  
labial region 
lacrimal lake 
lacrimal papilla 
lamella alaris +  
lamina anterior of maxilla 
lamina anterior of pars facialis 
lamina of spiral limbus 
lamina precerebralis 
lamina superior 
lateral appendix 
lateral eminence of fourth ventricle 
lateral eminence of hypophysis 
lateral entorhinal cortex 
lateral line nucleus 
lateral zone of hypothalamus +  
layer of tympanic membrane +  
left colon 
lingual region 
liver lobule +  
lobe of cerebral hemisphere +  
lobe of tail +  
lung saccule 
lymph node medullary cord 
macula lutea +  
macula lutea proper 
mammillary body +  
mandible temporal crest 
manubrium of hyale 
marginal zone of spleen 
margo anterior of cleithrum 
margo anterior of scapula 
margo choanalis 
margo clavicularis 
margo fenestralis 
margo libera 
margo mandibularis of pterygoid +  
margo orbitalis of maxilla 
margo orbitalis of pterygoid 
margo orbitalis of squamosal 
margo posterior 
margo posterior of cleithrum 
margo posterior of scapula 
margo scapularis 
margo suprascapularis 
margo tympanicus of pterygoid 
margo vertebralis 
medial entorhinal cortex +  
medial zone of hypothalamus +  
median pars intermedia 
median symphysis 
medulla oblongata +  
medullary ray 
medullary region of kidney +  
mesial region 
mesonephric late distal segment 
mid-dorsal keel 
muscle belly +  
muscle head +  
nephron +  
neuraxis flexure +  
ocular fundus 
opercular part of inferior frontal gyrus 
optic disc 
organ component layer +  
organ subunit +  
A part of an organ that constitutes a distinct modular sub-unit. In some cases, the organ may also contain other sub-units of identical or similar types, in other cases this may be a distinct entity.
osseus labyrinth vestibule +  
osteon +  
otic and occipital +  
otic plate of pterygoid 
outer medulla of kidney +  
outer medulla vasa recta ascending limb 
outer medulla vasa recta descending limb 
pancreatic lobule +  
papilla of tongue +  
papillary muscle of heart +  
parafoveal part of retina 
parasagittal crest 
parenchyma +  
pars articularis of mandibular arch 
pars canalicularis of petrosal 
pars convoluta of oviduct 
pars cylindriformis ilei 
pars externa plectri +  
pars facialis of maxilla +  
pars facialis of maxillopalatine 
pars flaccida of tympanic membrane 
pars glenoidalis of quadratojugal 
pars inferior of labyrinth 
pars intermedia of adenohypophysis 
pars interna plectri 
pars jugalis 
pars media plectri +  
pars plana of ciliary body 
pars plicata of ciliary body 
pars recta 
pars reflexa of masseter 
pars reuniens 
pars suprascapularis 
pars tensa of tympanic membrane 
pars tuberalis of adenohypophysis 
pectinate muscle 
pectineal ligament 
perifoveal part of retina 
periventricular zone of hypothalamus +  
planum terminale 
planum triangulare 
pontine tegmentum +  
posterior fascicle of palatopharyngeus 
posterior part of tongue +  
posterior ramus of cleithrum 
posterolingual region 
presacral shield 
presubiculum +  
processus confluens 
proctodeum portion of cloaca 
prostatic utricle 
pterygopharyngeal part of superior pharyngeal constrictor 
quadrato-orbital commissure 
recessus basilaris 
recessus coccygealis 
recessus fenestrae ovalis 
renal column 
renal glomerulus +  
renal papilla +  
renal pelvis +  
retrochiasmatic area 
right colon 
rugal fold +  
sacral condyle 
Schweigger-Seidel sheath 
sclera +  
sinus of Valsalva 
skeletal support for eminentia olfactoria +  
solum nasi 
spatium sacculare 
spinous region of dorsal fin 
spleen pulp +  
splenic cord 
stria vascularis of cochlear duct +  
stroma +  
stylus of pars media plectri 
subcapsular sinus ceiling 
subcapsular sinus floor 
subdivision of conjunctiva +  
subdivision of tube +  
sublingual caruncle 
suboccular arch 
substantia nigra pars compacta 
substantia nigra pars reticulata 
sulcus articularis lateralis 
sulcus articularis medialis 
sulcus distalis ossis cruris 
sulcus longitudinalis 
sulcus pro musculo extensori cruris brevis 
sulcus proximalis ossis cruris 
supcapsular region of anterior region of lens 
supcapsular region of posterior region of lens 
superior parietal cortex 
superior part of vestibular ganglion 
suprarostral ala 
supravaginal part of cervix 
symphysis maxillaris 
tail of pancreas +  
tentorium cerebelli 
tenuitas cristaeformis 
thoracolumbar junction +  
thyroid follicle +  
tip of renal papilla 
tongue intermolar eminence 
torus pylorus 
trabecula +  
trabecular horn +  
transverse folds of rectum 
transverse pelvic ridge 
triangular part of inferior frontal gyrus 
trigone of urinary bladder +  
trochlear groove of humerus 
ulnar condyle 
urodeum +  
urostyle cotyle 
urostyle ridge +  
uterine horn +  
vaginal hymen 
vallecula of cerebellum 
valve +  
vasa recta ascending limb 
vasa recta descending limb 
ventral patch of Leydig's organ 
ventral ramus of squamosal 
vestibular labyrinth +  
vomerine canal 
webbing of bone in vertebral column 
zone of organ +  

Related Synonyms: organ region with fixed fiat boundary ;   organ segment ;   segment of organ
Xrefs: FMA:86140
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