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skin of body +    
zone of organ +    
anal column 
anterior subdivision of masseter 
apical region of heart ventricle +  
auricular cartilage +  
basal zone of heart 
base of prostate 
body of gallbladder 
body of uterus +  
cartilage of external acoustic meatus 
central zone of prostate 
costodiaphragmatic recess 
deep part of temporalis 
dermis +  
diaphragma sellae 
duodenal papilla +  
GuĂ©rin's valve 
lacrimal sac +  
laryngeal prominence 
laryngeal ventricle 
lens fiber 
lens nucleus 
liver papillary process 
mediastinal pleura 
neck of organ +  
omentum +  
peripheral zone of prostate 
pole of lens +  
posterior subdivision of masseter 
protuberance +  
rectouterine fold 
skin apocrine gland 
skin epidermis +  
skin gland +  
skin mucous gland 
skin scent gland +  
skin sebaceous gland +  
superficial part of masseter muscle +  
superficial part of temporalis 
suprazygomatic part of temporalis 
transition zone of prostate 
transverse fold of rectum 
tuberculum sellae 
upper part of cisterna chyli 
urethral crest +  
zone of bone organ +  
zone of skin +  
Any portion of the organ that covers that body and consists of a layer of epidermis and a layer of dermis.
zone of stomach +  

Exact Synonyms: portion of skin ;   region of skin ;   skin ;   skin region ;   skin zone
Xrefs: EHDAA2:0001844 ;   EHDAA:6530 ;   EMAPA:17525 ;   EV:0100152 ;   FMA:86166 ;   GAID:933 ;   MA:0000151 ;   MAT:0000284 ;   MESH:D012867 ;   MIAA:0000284 ;   OpenCyc:Mx4rvVjX3ZwpEbGdrcN5Y29ycA ;   SCTID:20795001 ;   VHOG:0000860 ;   Wikipedia:Skin
Definition Sources:, Wikipedia:Skin

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